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Ok I am confused. Is this the third and last book in "The Passage" trilogy? and when is it due out. It just seems as though these "series" books take too long in between publication dates. It is hard to stay loyal to a writer when this occurs.

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Joyce Try being a George R.R. Martin fan
Jess Writing a book is really hard. Sometimes it takes a long time. I'm happy to wait on the next book if it means Cronin puts as much care and creativity into it as he did the first two. I'd rather he didn't rush on account of his fans and publisher. The wait will be worth it.
If you're finding it hard to wait for the books in a particular series to come out, try one of the following:
1. Reread the first two when the third one comes out.
2. Start reading one of the thousands of awesome series that have already been published in their entirety.
The beauty of reading is there's always more to read. :)
Niki I just read this message from Justin Cronin at the forums at The Passage trilogy website:

"The author here. Thank you Beth, David, Kim and Kristina (as well as many others) for your patience and support. The City of Mirrors is well on its way, but these things do indeed take time. It's a heck of a long book, and I want to get everything just right--my readers deserve it. As for a pub date: the truth is, I'm not the person in charge, and a lot of considerations go into that decision that are out of my hands and have very little to do with writing sentences. I have a wonderful editor and a terrific publisher, and we all want the same thing: the best possible conclusion to the trilogy. So, again, thanks for your patience and your very kind words. Here at Passage Central Command, we are doing everything we can to make the wait worthwhile. Best, JCC "

He posted this message last month.
Ron When Dennis Lehane turned in Mystic River, his agent commented on the book's uncommon quality. Lehane's reponse was more or less, see what you get when I take the time to do it right?

In my view, most series books come out too quickly, and in much too great a number, and the quality level goes steadily downhill. I for one am glad to see a writer not bow to the corporate suits and grind out a book a year.
Loreet Well, I am a big Passage Trilogy fan so please excuse me for blowing off some steam for a few minutes.
I still do not think we have a solid release date for this book yet.
Some readers are still expecting the book to be on shelves next month and are sure to be disappointed. Changing a release date is, at best, disrespectful to readers. Most fans are unhappy and see this delay as a broken promise. We will believe that the date has been manipulated for marketing purposes and question the integrity of the publisher and the industry. A long and unexpected wait may taint the book and our reading of the book, making it harder to lose ourselves in this world we wanted to be a part of. I wish the publishing company would understand that our experience is not enhanced, our anticipation is not increased, we are only irritated as we move on to other books for however long it takes for this promise to be fulfilled.
If we are truly loyal readers, of course we will be watching for the new and (hopefully) accurate release date. We will order the book so that we receive it the day it comes out and begin reading it that night after work, maybe even at lunch. But some of us are sure to expect more from the book because of the wait, we will tolerate less, and have more time to criticize the rest of the series and its finale.
Kate I like to think that when a writer takes his time, he's crafting a great story. This is now due out in May 2016.
Charlotte He has actually been very unwell including a stint in hospital following a cancer scare and so the publication date moved because of that. It will be out October of this year.
If you don't like waiting in between books, maybe next time you could wait until the whole series is out?
Ashley Not to mention, these books usually have a large page count.
Noah Rosenthal I find the lack of clarity (and the previously announced Oct 2014 release date) really rubs me the wrong way. If they would just say, "we don't know when it's coming out," it would be easier to swallow.

Edit: I'm now under the impression that the October 2014 release date was just a rumor (for some reason picked up by Amazon) and that it did not come from the publisher. That changes my view somewhat, but I still wish they'd give us some info. Like: "he's still revising some of the book" or "we're looking at May 2015, but we're not sure and will update you when we have more information."

Update: Based on Justin Cronin's comment from the Passage forums (quoted below by Niki), I think it's likely the book is with the publisher. AmazonUK is reporting an October 2015 release date (exactly 1 year later than the October 2014 release date they previously reported). That's probably a good ballpark, depending on when it went to the publisher for its review.
JENNY Well, I read The Passage and it became one of my favorite books. I had to read it for a second time in order to read The Twelve when it came out.

I attempted to read The City of Mirrors when it came out but found that I was a bit foggy on what occurred in the prior books.

I am now listening to the audio book of The Passage (it's faster than reading it), my third time on this story, and I have no complaints. I plan on listening to The Twelve once done. This way everything will be fresh in my mind when I pick up The City of Mirrors for a second time.

I wish I had more time to spend on on books!
Laurie ... and, yes, this is the third and last of THIS series by Justin Cronin. Yes, I can definitely see that just one of the books of the "Passage" series would take a while to write properly.

Justin, I don't know for sure HOW long it took you to write EACH book, let alone just this one, but I had no problem waiting for this third one. I'm so glad I waited for the summer to read it, because I was able to take fewer breaks (It still took me a w hile to read it, though!). Whatever you decide to write next, I'll be waiting for expectantly. I wish more writers were as conscientious a writer as you are. The way you write, I never have to say or think, "I can't wait for the movie!" The "movie" is already there, in my head, as I read.
Catherine How about you write your own book if you think it's that easy.
Charlie This is why I like Brandon Sanderson. Dude puts books out quickly. He's released part 2 of a trilogy this month, and the third will be out in January...
Kerri Not so bad of a wait.. just re-read the first two books. When they are long and good it is worth it.
Valerie Zink I hear you. Took forever in the Lev Grossman Magician series and the Harkness trilogy as well. It seems to be a new trend. It seems that many publishers are pushing authors into multiple volumes to make money. Not cool. BUT all these books have been worth waiting for. I cannot wait for this one either!
Nicklas Karlsson I don't mind waiting for a good book but I think it would nice praxis if all authors would include a synopsis of the previous book. Hell, why not the entire series?
Larryhill Just finished it. Yes, it wraps the series in fine fashion. It is a tremendous work; you'll enjoy it.
Doug Burnett I sympathize with your frustration on the delay. Frankly, I was angry like many people.

Just finished Mirrors, and my only sadness is that it ended.

Well done, Cronin.
David Bole it's out in June 2016. Probably the end of June. I've paid Audible and I'm sitting, waiting. I've re-read The Passage for the third time and The Twelve for the second time, and now I'm ready. I'll just wait.
Matt Uebel May 24th 2016 ^_^
Judy The hard copy (I pre-ordered) is coming to my local Indie bookstore the last week of May. Justin Cronin will be coming out for a book signing a few weeks later. I'm pretty excited!
Heather (Coming in May 2016) I just started the ARC.
C. @Joanne: I so agree, my patience is running thin... Rereading the other two books is not going to make the final book come out any sooner... Got other books to read too..
Terry Queally Amazon says Oct 2015
Penny Lees Amazon say 22 October 2014...but only in hardback for 19.99.....looks like I have to wait for kindle edition
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