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Is this for young teenagers or adults

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Ale Whenever you start forgetting how was it like to be a kid. A young teen could read it, but probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as an adult.
Chris Thomas Both. In the interview at the end, Gaiman says "it is for anyone who has ever been seven years old."
Mindy Keys I say it is for anyone who loves a good story. I refuse to label books. (plus it depends on the kid. I read the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant at 7, so what do I know about appropriate!)
Jaye I couldn't really recommend this for children, so it depends on how young the "young" teenager. I'd say 14+.
Martha It's from the perspective of a 40 something year old man. He reminisces on his childhood and remembers long forgotten events.
So a young teenager might not get the whole experience of "oh.. I also remember something that I haven't thought about in years regarding my childhood."
On the other hand, I was a very serious (maybe too serious) child/teenager and I probably whould have connected with this book a lot.
It depends on how mentally mature the teenager is, I guess.
Josie I would not give this to a young teenager. It is dark, creepy and has a sex scene in it. But I guess it depends on the teenager.
Danny I think this could be read at anytime from teenager on and if spaced appropriately apart, each reading would yield a different experience. It seems to me that as more time passes since your childhood, your personal experience with the story will change as well.
Arwen Mellor Yes, yes it is.
Cresta McGowan He said in an interview that the themes are too dark for children...
Dee As I was reading it, I was thinking my 14-year-old granddaughter might enjoy it!
Donni Slater I'm 56 and I found this story to be delightful. I would also not be against giving this to one of my grandkids to read.
Jacobo I'm 47, and I really enjoyed it. Probably the best fiction book I've read this year.

I would not recommend it for (some) teenagers. It's not the implied sex scene that disturbed me the most (I didn't think it would be disturbing at all until I read the comments here), but scenes of violence to a child.

Definitely not for a child to read, probably OK for a teenager that can handle a rough-ish ride.
Jennifer Wasson I'm an adult and I really enjoyed it. I enjoy everything from Neil Gaiman.
Queen Elizabeth of Gondor I read it in 7th grade, but it is probably better for teenagers ad adults.
Ben Not too young. There was implied sex in it. And there were also some dark themes of death and dark creatures. Maybe 15+?
Angela Rout It was in the YA section at our library. ??
Audrey Driscoll
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Jeania Hard to classify. As Cresta notes, some situations are dark, but then again, some children face those early in life. And yet, it does seem child-like how some of the violence is done away with so handily. In an adult world resolution would be more complicated. The hopeful story of the boy was sandwiched between a more unsatisfied journey the man was on. Perhaps it is a look back at innocence lost and that is why it is considered a more "adult" tale.
Sara Mazzoni It's for children and young teenagers.
Rose I'm with Chris.
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