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Someone confirm this.. Luxen + Human = NO Luxen + Luxen = Luxen Luxen + Hybrid = Origin Hybrid + Hybrid = ? Hybrid + Human = ? Origin + Luxen = ? Origin + Hybrid = ? Origin + Human = ? Origin + Origin = ? (badass powerful Origin) did I miss anything? and howcome when others ask what an Origin is they say "It's a product of Luxen male and a female hybrid." Like does it apply if the roles were reversed?

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Auxi_rocks let's go for parts:

Luxen and human= no luxen. YES!

No luxen and luxen= luxen

WHAT DID YOU MEAN with that? like wereworlf or something, what else? i'm losted there. that's even possible? i think they can't pregnant others things.. likes arum's.

Luxen and hybrid= origin hybrid. YES

Origin hybrid and hybrid= some kind a quaterback origin and more half the rest hibrid(? 85% hybrid, 15% origin and stuff's.. so orin hy hy(?

Hybrid and human= a quaterback luxen or a half half hybrid (they are the half of the half)..75%human, 25%hybrid.. so hum hum hy(?

Origin and luxen= a superhero! hahahaha been serious.. If the origins are hybrid's and luxen's all mixed and the luxen are just.. well luxen, they will be somekind of 95% luxen, 5% origin and stuff's.. so lux- irin(?

Origin and hybrid= 85% luxen, 15% origin, hybrid and stuff's.. so re ori-hybrid(?

Origin and human= 75% luxen, 25% human.. so re ori- human (?

Origin and origin= finally one easy.. another ORIGIN! Badass like you said :D

You don't miss anything but this makes me really thinks hahahaha..
about your question, doesns't matter the sex, just the spice, i thing.. So you are still an origin if your father has the hybrid one.

the name's isn't very original but your understand, no?
Nikki...♬✰❤ I think the gender dosent matter....and as for your above equations I dont think there are any answers to that in the book...
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