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I've never read a Drizzt book (or wanted to). But I'm interested in this 6-book series to get a perspective on the Sundering. Can this book be read and enjoyed without knowing anything about Drizzt's prior tales?

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Pedro Cipriano As one that read almost all Drizzt books i'll try to give you the best advice i can. The absolute minimum i would recommend reading to understand what this Drizzt character is all about. (no spoilers)

Skip the prequels: "Homeland, Exile, Sojourn"
Start with "The Icewind Dale Trilogy", also you can skip the first book "the Crystal Shard" while decent, its a stand alone that tries to quickly build tension and rushes in and about building characters and settings. Completelly understandable since the THIS was the VERY 1st book. A new author, new characters, building a setting: all in one novel that no one knows if it will be successfull....

Finally the good stuff: I consider an absolutelly must read the 2nd and 3rd book of Icewind dale: "Streams of Silver" and "The Halfling's Gem"
Trully amazing books, good plot and pacing, excellent battles, these will make you a Drizzt fan, one that will be glad to know where it all begun.

Then and only then, i would read the most recent stuff about the Sundering... Its a diferent setting, you will skip a ton of good books but you can always come back to them later if you want to.

Hope it helps.
Billy Rodriguez Salvatore is pretty good about explaining what you need to know in any given book, for new readers as well as people returning who may have forgotten this minor character from 4 books ago, or that event from 9 books ago. You may not get as much as returning readers, but you won't be left in the dark.
Ben Actually, this book does not really seem to go into much detail about the Sundering at all. If that is your main focus for reading it, then you can probably skip it. I have yet to read the rest of the books in the series, and I too was quite curious about this event, but have chosen to dip in and out according to the story lines which I think are most relevant. I suspect that the single most essential book in this series is the final one by Ed Greenwood, as really, he is the father of the Realms.
Reese I've read only the first two books of the Legend of Drizzt series, but I'm still reading this and enjoying. I do feel like I'm missing a little bit, but I suspect that lessens as the series continues, and I don't think it impacts my perception of the book.
Now I will say this: I personally enjoyed the Legend of Drizzt series more than this one, but you obviously read whatever you want.
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