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is it better than the first

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Will-J Sarmiento Not even close. Nearly all the characters take a turn for the worst, particularly Tris, which is annoying since you have to practically spend the whole time with her.
Randy Wurm I liked it better. We start getting more into the 'world' of Divergent in this book. I also didn't miss all the romance from the first book.
Robin In my opinion, Insurgent is not as good as Divergent was.
Hailey Middaugh I think that Divergent was better than Insurgent. For one there are not as many scenes where Tris gets to fight. There are also not as many scenes where Tris and Tobias get to have a real conversation. Insurgent has a lot of times where they can not talk alone. Tris also has more moments where she is feeling sorry for herself and leaving her Abnegation self behind. Tris seems to be more Dauntless than in the first book but she definitely is still her Abnegation self. I would consider Divergent the best book in the series (even compared to Allegiant). Divergent is the best book that I have ever read and most likely the best book that I will ever read. If you are coming from reading Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, or The Hunger Games, you will definitely fall in love with this series.
Mikayla Heston I agree, Insurgent is more suspenseful and it has more focus on all five factions and the Factionless as a whole. I can't wait for the movie!
Sofia Ew, no. All Tris does is cry about her parents, kiss Tobias, run and hide, and then freak out whenever she sees a gun. It's ridiculous. I mean, I get that she's scarred, but still... And the writing, while it's similar to the first, manages to be so much worse. It's doesn't show, it tells. All of Tris's feelings are stated right out. It's also incredibly boring.
Mollz definitely. i'm a huge fan of the series, and insurgent was my favorite out of the three (four if you count FOUR)! the character development is exceptional, and it is heart wrenching, yet shocking to see tris's development from a confident, sure heroine to a more broken and unstable person. also, the romance is amazing :-)

James Mourgos Not at all. If you like a lot of handwringing by a teenager who used to be cool in the first book, go ahead. The soap opera mixed into the adventure is hard to swallow and not very realistic. The characters are cardboard, one dimensional.
Skydreamer Lee
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That Girl I think it was definitely good, but not AS good a the first one
TeenFiction Teton County Library No...that was too short to add? will Goodreads accept the answer? :P
Daniel Campbell No I definitely think Divergent was better. It had lots more dramatic parts. But I hope to see a good movie out of it.
Vivian I'm sorry to those who love this book, but i was not impressed like I was after finishing divergent.
Matthew I feel that while the first book is better written, I rate this one higher because it dampens the anti-intellectual overtones of the first book. However, the writing takes a plummet in the third book, and the anti-intellectualism returns there, so if you do decide to read Insurgent, stop with this book
Krystal No. Not in my personal opinion.
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