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I loved America on The Selection, not so in The Elite and grew tired of her in The One. Sigh.

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Ebony Sometimes she made want to jump in the book and slap her stupid and other times i Loved her to death. Then in the One I was literally on an emotional rollercoaster. I felt like how Maxon felt. I kept screaming "MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN!" at the book over and over.
Jennifer Fromke In the Elite, America seemed like she was ALWAYS crying. Too much crying. I think that caused her to seem whiney and not so lovable. The biggest problem with the love/hate issue could have been solved by making this story one long book. Lots of filler = too much back and forth. I love him, I love him not. But overall, come on...it's Cinderella mixed with Esther. No greater plot on earth.
Hell Ok, guys, let's just get something straight.......17--year-olds are not immature!!! I'm just saying, just because they use different language (like“yo man") and are always on a sugar high because of their hormones doesn't mean you have to make them feel all stupid. Ok, now back to the subject of America.......
She was selfish and impulsive and i hate her. The only time I could relate to her or symphasise with her was when she was yelling at someone because she felt she was right and wanted to bring justice or when she felt like she was surrounded by sisters when she was with the other Selected. That was the only time I felt I didn't loathe her. She was just so....so....selfish! And her father kept telling her how proud he was of her which just shows how misinformed he was. All she had to do to end everyone's pain was to go home and wait for Aspen to come and marry her. There! Problem solved. Ok, here is my logic.....
Kriss loves Maxon. Aspen Loves America. (Lucy was just a distraction the author invented so that the reader didn't feel bad about Aspen). Maxon loves Kriss. America loves Aspen. America and Maxon have huge trust problems, plus America does not want the weight of he crown which just shows how she didn't love Maxon enough. Also, I just want to add this, she is such a hypocrite! She observed about Celeste “she wanted the crown but not it's responsibilities"same could be said for America! She wanted Maxon but not his responsibilities. Hypocrisy at it's finest. Ugh. I'm not saying she is completely horrible but she doesn't think before she acts and she just...grrrrrrrr. She kept asking for more time and shoving Maxon and Aspen away when they needed her most and then running to them and crying and saying how much she loved them. And, she was USING Aspen as a sort of....of....I don't know, SAFETY MAT I guess. Ugh, ugh, ugh. Also, I didn't like the ending at all. God , there might as well have been a big sign that said “And they lived happily ever after....."ugh. Where is the spice? The twist that leaves us guessing? The words a character says that makes the readers wondering what if, what if, what if......? It is so bland! And she should have shown more remorse about Anne and Celeste being killed. She might as well have said“So what?" with the reaction we were getting. Grrrrr. I WILL THROTTLE HER.
Monica Andrade I... she is just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid sometimes. -C'mon you DO want Maxon!.- I kept repeating.
Elisabeth I totally agree! I gave The Selection five stars, because I lovedlovedloved that book, I still do, it is awesome and in my all-time favourites. Then The Elite came and I really didn't like it, it was disappointing and I thought it was boring. I felt like the magic from the Selection had been taken away and to me, the book felt like a deflated balloon. Then I read the One. I disliked that one even more. What happened to the Selection? It was such an awesome book! Now it's just... I didn't like it. A single plus: I did like that Maxon and America ended up together. And regardless, I'm gonna read the Heir and the Queen, cause I hope one of the next books will set me on fire as much as the Selection did.
Hayley Schmolze I think it's important to remember, though, that she is only 17. I remember myself at 17 and I feel like I would have acted the same way. Almost all of us are really immature at that age.
Alondra i personally had i love/hate relationship with america
Arianna Pirbhai I think that America has gone through a lot in that book, trying to get to know her feelings and understand them. The author really expressed how she felt. And I can say that it is really hard to choose between someone new in your life and someone who has always been there. Though I do find her quite annoying at times you have to understand that she got into something she didn't want to and now she isn't sure if she wants to stay or not. Just imagine how confusing that must be.
Krisz Girls, it's not America, it's the writer. She was coherent in the first book, and then she lost it, argh! I'm so angry with her, and the staff who published the two follow-up books.
Britta I think that Maxon was being a complete jerk at the end of the book. He tells her in those letters that he loves America and cant imagine living live without her but then in the morning after seeing her just being close to Aspen Maxon says he is going to marry Kriss and that he cant wait until America is out of the palace. Maxon has to get shot by a rebel to relies that he was being stupid and was about to make the worst mistake of his life. I also think that Aspen is an idiot. On the plane back Aspen loves America and in the morning of the rebel attack Aspen loves her but about a day later in the hospital wing, Aspen loves Lucy and doesnt love America at all. There is something wrong with that. Everyone says that America is stupid but I think Aspen and Maxon are stupid. They need to give America some space. By the way, did anyone else know like half way through the Elite that Americas Dad was a northern rebel? I didnt see it coming when Kriss was a rebel though. Anyway I loved the books and cant wait until the Hier comes out.
The Dark Knight well America grew tired of your negativity
Bookworm Eh...only kinda felt that. But I WAS screaming at the book,"MAKE UP UR MIND LADY!" and,"man, don't u think ur over reacting?!" But overall I didn't really mind. I actually LOVED it!!

Samantha Irene Weglowski Personally I loved all of the books, although through all of them there were times when I was yelling MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN! But overall I loved sticking with America through the very end.
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Elizabeth Seamoore OMG I felt the exact same way so I decided to rewrite the series and change her personality! here's a link to my fanfiction account if you want to read the rewrite. It still has large sections of the original book so if you don't remember the original well you can still read this! https://www.fanfiction.net/u/14661871/
aisha In the Selection she was great. In the Elite she kept making embarrassing decisions and at some point, I literally left the book. And then in the One (and the Elite), I was annoyed because she knows she loves Maxon, but she took 2 books to make up her mind. Basically I got mad at her at some point but I still love her
Melissa You think she is a brat? Read the sequel with her daughter. She makes America look like a saint
Lily I know!!!!!! I was rading and I kept commenting and my family go really annoyed. I had to put the book down sometimes to just have some time away from America!
Kit (Metaphors and Moonlight) I'm in the middle of The One right now, and this is exactly how I feel.
Amy Reader I agree with @Hell. you are so on point with my feelings about this book.
Tessa in Mid-Michigan Funny, I am having the opposite reaction! I was dubious at first, didn't much care for The Elite either, but feel that, even though The One has had bad moments, all the younger characters are really growing and changing. I like them more even as I am frustrated with them. Some things have really stretched my believability, while others have made me gasp in amazement at the great twists and turns.
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