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Lisa Godfrees asked:

If you only had a year to live, what would you do?

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Nadine Brandes I pulled some of these answers from a blog post I wrote on the topic, only because I felt that it was already answered succinctly. :-)

If I felt God was giving the "ok", I would commit some hard-core writing months (about three or four) to completing the Out of Time series. For the sake of my readers (yes, for you!) If I couldn’t finish it in that time, I’d start looking for authors who could finish it/polish it for me.

I would write intentional letters.
Words are my passion. I would make sure I had a stack of letters to be given to each person I love after I passed on, hopefully encouraging them to pursue life and God full-speed and to REJOICE at my joining Christ in heaven.

I would visit my relatives.
I grew up away from most of my relatives so I didn’t build the relationships with some of them that I would have liked. I would take at least two weeks to a month and road trip (with the hubby, of course!) around America, visiting them, having intentional quality time with them, and — with some — trying one last time to share the importance of Christ.

I would pray and fast more.
This is one of those things I already try to do, but I’m a spiritual wimp. Praying is the more tough side of relationship with Christ for me. I would love to devote hours — and I mean carpetburns-on-the-knees hours — to praying, fasting, and communing with God. The one time I intentionally fasted and pushed myself past my human desires, it completely changed me. And that was just one time.

I would tell my story.
This one would take the most courage. There are very few people who know my full life story, but recently God’s been urging me to share it — the nitty gritty, the mistakes, the spiritual doubts…all of it. But it’s hard to completely bare our souls to others, especially if we’re expecting disapproval.

So…I would suck it up and either start telling my story (verbally) or through book-form. I already know God can use it to touch many other lives. I just need to push through my own insecurities and trust Him in my weakness.

Some little things:
I would go skydiving, sleep on an overnight train (preferably the Trans-Siberian Rail, which — if I go to Russia — would be very doable.), ride a tandem bike, and send up a desperate plea to J K Rowling (who probably won’t even see it) asking her to let me treat her to a cup of tea.

But, these are little things. Inconsequential things. Not big enough to be labeled as dreams, they’re just desires that would provide me with temporary happiness and then a good story.

My real goal in my last year would be to live as passionately as my weak, shy, cowardly human body allows for God’s glory.
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