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Is this book okay for teens to read?

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Rob yes. I do not agree with censcorship. Let them read anything.
Callam I doubt you'll read this but I thought I'd offer my opinion as someone who tried to read this as a teen... I tried and gave up after about 1/4 of the book. I was about 14/5 at the time. Not to sound arrogant, but I was a smart kid back then - had no problem with Achibe, Shakespeare, Hardy, Joyce, Dylan Thomas etc. but the level of detail and reference to 19th century continental politics/diction/shibboleths, really through me off. To give an example 14 year old me had no clue what 'procurier du roi' meant, even when it's elucidated that this means barrister (what exactly is a barrister to a teen?). As a teen its hard to understand, as an adult I assume 'roi' denotes an association to the king and against the French Revolution background this makes a great deal of sense.

By all means it's not a book you should disallow your children to read, but without an appreciation of history and contemporary geography, as well as an appreciation of an antiquated terms, which one learns during the rigmaroles of literature analysis, I don't believe kids of a young age will fully appreciate the book - despite it being fine for them (there's nothing particularly raunchy). But for me, reading it at 15 I felt like I didn't appreciate the novel in the same way and a lot went over m head; I re-read it as a 23 year old who appreciated those extra lessons you gain in 8 years - an understanding of the French Revolution, the history of Napoleon, the fractured state of continental europe and the novel now firmly sits on my top 5 list. TL;DR: great, great novel, which can only be exacerbated by a lack of geo-political knowledge of the 19th C. It's a book a kid can read, but it is not a book a kid can appreciate
Corinne Tucker It was required reading for my summer reading going into freshman year in high school. It has been my favorite book ever since, even now, ten years later :)
Zahra If a teenager wants to read this book with all its 1000 something pages, let them be!
Huda Aweys Sure, it broadcasts the spirit of courage and nobility in them, and the children in their teens interested in books adventures, so it is very suitable for being an adventure story, along with the content of the noble values​​, and there are versions specific to adolescents and children be simplified more or do not contain alot of violence , you can Search about
Stacey I think it depends on the age of the teen. 17 or 18 maybe, but 13 maybe not. I am a little over half way through the book and so far haven't found anything too racy. However there is a chapter where the Count provides a companion, Franz with an hallucinogenic drug and he has a questionable dream about 3 female statues. There is no detail here though; no explicit descriptions, just more suggestions of something. Also, there is a band of bandits who violate (and that is how they reference it) a young woman. There is also a scene where the Count, Albert & Franz are witnesses at an execution via the guillotine. The scene itself along with the Count telling stories, are all sort of gory.
Mirtha Aranegui I want Buy The Count of Monte Cristo, where I can find it for young Girls.?
Nienor This question was asked ages ago, but I'll still answer it in case anyone reads this.
I read this book first aged 13-14 and loved it - it is still my favourite book ever 2+ years since!

The only possible objectionable bits in the 1200 page novel are perhaps, as mentioned the statue scene, where drugs cause two 'good guys' to hallucinate and dream that the statues are naked women, yet this is not graphic at all. Perhaps more worrying is the main character's use of drugs, although this may be because their effects were not well known at the time...

It can be a bit violent... although I wouldn't say gory. I agree with the point that the Inheritance Cycle is definitely worse, and it is perhaps but a little worse than the last Harry Potter book, though that will depend on the translation.

For example, in my version, the French word 'enceinte' (pregnant) is given, because the translator is too coy to write the English.

The only main problem is that the teen may develop an ever-lasting love for Edmond that may result in her/him living alone for the rest of her/his life!
Laura Yes, definitely! I read the Penguin Classics edition during summer vacation when I was 12 and I loved it. This edition had lots of footnotes which helped me to better understand the historical context. Looking back, some of the finer details escaped me, but overall I enjoyed reading the book. Drama, action, adventure, and revenge all packed into one novel. Still one of my favourites!
Thana I think every person in the world should read this book let alone teens!! I can't imagine anyone being disappointed from reading this book.
Lisa I'd say yes. I read it at 12 years old and fell in love with the complexity, so I disagree with Callem's statement that a child can not appreciate this beautiful story. That being said, there was some violence and brief "love-making" as it was put, but not too much that a mature teen can't handle.
J. Alexander I assume you are asking if the book is appropriate for teens? To that answer yes, there are no inappropriate parts. The main character does talk vividly of his love for Mercedes. They have a few scenes together where they express that love for each other, but nothing to the level of being inappropriate or graphic. This is an old book, written when you didn't write about that type of stuff.

There are a few graphic elements in terms of violence. Most killing was done by the sword. But this was real life and it isn't overly graphic, just realistic.

Honestly though, this probably isn't the book to give your teen to read unless they are expressly showing interest in it. This book is very complicated and many of the themes or storylines really aren't going to be understood or appreciated until you are an adult. Not to say it is inappropriate, but the themes and stories expressed in this book probably can't be truly appreciated by a teenager unless they are dedicated to the book. I would hate to force a beautiful book like this on a kid that they end up hating and forever associating it with the pain of reading it as a teenager by their parents. This is how I feel about other great works like The Grapes of Wrath, which I also LOVE, but really shouldn't be read by teenagers because they are not old enough to appreciate it and now everyone remembers it as the worst book they were forced to read as a kid, when it is really an incredible book that they would probably enjoy if they read it with a more mature mind as an adult.
Dawn I read it as a teen, but I would suggest that they read the abridged version.
Nilani i first read the book when I was only 12.5yrs old and if you are like me and are a vivid reader then I think teens could read it. It was a tiny bit confusing the first time but i guess it just depends....
Celia Yes. Great book, let them read it!!
Ryan Jung If you're asking if there's any questionable content here... Not really. There are a couple of scenes that I thought were surprisingly blunt. In one scene, a man is executed by beheading. The description of it is fast, and details are not offered, but the way it is presented is very blunt and slightly offputting. Another scene involves a double murder, but it is also not dwelled upon. There are no sex scenes and no profanity. Monte Cristo and some of his acquaintances consume cannabis a few times, and it's presented positively and somewhat adventurously every time. The themes of the book are generally positive. Justice is served. Good guys win. As others have pointed out, the middle of the book slows down a lot in terms of pace, and I imagine a lot of younger readers will just zone out or give up. I think that's more of a challenge to teens than any objectionable content you may perceive.
Gaby I'd say yes
I read this at twelve, and I remember it being awesome, even though it took awhile. (I read the normal one.)
azazello i read it in my teen or maybe in my child first time and i very liked it.

this is world classic i don`t see any problem with this book.
Rachel Teens can definitely read this book. I didn't find anything objectionable in the content, and I'm picky about book content. That said, it's a pretty deep read and many teens may have a hard time understanding the intricacies of plot and historical setting, which gives the story a deeper richness.
Cosmos I think this book would be fine for teens, but they'll need the attention span for it, and may need to research history at the time to understand the way certain things were done. For example, there's a general theme of death being better than being disgraced, which isn't so widely popular or advocated in our current time period, let alone expected, if that makes sense.
Elizabeth I read this for the first time in high school, it only took me a week to read. It's an easy read. I love the book. If you are concerned about inappropriate things in it, there is some murder, suicide (and contemplation of), and a lesbian couple, but it's not overly descriptive on these parts. I think it's fine for teens to read.
Emma I read it two times as a teen because I loved it.
Barbara Sherrick I read this the first time in high school. Much easier to read than Shakespeare and Homer.
Teresa It was on the summer reading list when I was in school in the 1960's. I may not have understood everything but the kids today are so much more aware of the world's ills I think it is better than a lot of other things. It is a great introduction to historic fiction and the classics.
Navjot Kaur Definitely! I am 13 and we had to do a film study on it :)
Ann Valdez Yes! It was actually recommended to me by a high school senior guy.
Fleurdelys21 Of all the classics, this is probably one of the best for teens to read. Drama, adventure and lots of action.
If it's suitability you're worried about, let me put it this way - there is very little that could be classified as inappropriate in this book. Most novels on the curriculum in second-level schools would have more than this.
Jody Johnson Yes! I agree with Huda's answer (see below) and personally can testify that my children read at 13/14 as part of their education, and they enjoy the story.
Susan It's got lots of adventure, but is a marathon book. There isn't anything racy and there's no blood or gore, just style and action.

I first read a selection in 5th grade and found that too long. It took me the summer, but I got through it and enjoyed it thoroughly. The plot may depend on coincidence too much, but I overlooked that and I think a teen would too. Ten times better than whatever vampire book is now hot.
Erik Rosenberg Absolutely! I read it as a teen and completely loved it. Now for the sake of full disclosure I have to mention that I can't think of really any reading material I would consider not okay for teens to read, with the possible exception of full-on XXX stuff. But there still isn't much to object to here. Yes there are a few deaths (not a spoiler. You should have expected this) and one rather gory scene. There are a couple references to sexual activity, though I'm quite sure there were no sex scenes outright. So yes, while there is certainly violence, the book does not contain violence for its own sake but illuminates the qualities of the characters. I don't believe it's more graphic, etc. than say the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. In essence the book receives my highest reccomendation, for teens as well. It deals with some very interesting topics regarding human nature and the human condition in the context of a captivating tale of treasure, romance and revenge. None but the most sensitive could object I believe.
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