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Did anyone else get a personal note from James Dashner. Because it's hard to believe a well known author would personally message me! It's cool, I just want to know if theres more.

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Lauren I got one too. He probably sent it to everyone who wrote a review that he read. I'm still giddy about it today :D
Kristina Yup, got one too. Super smart marketing on Mr. Dashner's part...regardless, I was very happy to learn that Second book of his new series..."The Rule of Thought" was available......Anxious to get started on it.....
Alyssa Figaro Yep, the email was sent to just about anyone who read one of James Dashner's books, but it was still really nice. It had his virtual signature and everything! I don't know how to say "thank you" to him , because it's a no reply email, so I'm just gonna put it on here and hope that he checks reviews:

I think most people agree with me. RIGHT, guys?!? " Yes, Alyssa!" Good. Now go off and read more James Dashner books.
Peggy Montgomery Yes, I did too in my email for rating his Maze Runner Series. Awesome!
Paula Yes, surprisingly, I did! I had forgotten all about the movie, so I'm glad he reminded me. :-)
Emma What letter? How'd you receive it?
Ally || the Inkblot || i just got it and i flipped for a second before figuring it was a generic email, lol.
Elise, Me too, It was a little confusing, I only read one of his books.
Mara Yes! I just got the email and I flipped out.
Bekah yep- me too. Pretty fun
Jb me too!! i think it's awesome!! made my day.
i work at book store and his books are some of my favorite to recommend.
In fact it was Mr Dashner's 13th Reality series that got me into reading young adult and teen novels. so i will forever be grateful for the world he introduced to me.
Kim McGee Yes and that is one of the reasons I love this author! He connects with his fans!
Anna Trudeau Yup! I got one as well! I was excited to get one from him. I mean, of course it would be totally awesome if it actually was an personalized email form him to me like that. I thought it rather unlikely of course, but still. It would have been cool. It seemed a little too broadly worded to be specifically for me. But anyway, yes. I am SO excited for the movie. I do want to brush up on the book first before I watch the movie though so I can accurately grade and judge the movie, you know? It's been more than a year since I read the book so I'm hoping to reread it before seeing the movie. I'm just hoping I'll have time to read it before hand. I'm going to try my darndest to make time for it.

As far as "The Rule of Thoughts", I haven't read "The Eye of Minds" yet. It is on my want to read list, but I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet. I've got over a hundred books on my want to read list, but since the second book is coming out I'll move it up on my list. Have you read it yet? If you, how did you like it, and what did you think of it? Also, what level of reading would you say it is? Like say Maze Runner level? Higher? Lower? And last question about it. This is something I really try and look into before I read a book. Is it clean? I'm pretty flexible on violence. I almost never pay attention to that. But what is it like as far as language or profanity? Considering this is James Dashner we're talking about, I don't think I have to worry. But I'm just checking :)
Aubrey I also got one. It was still pretty cool to get it, even if it is a generic email! :)
Amy I got an email from him as well! I'm sure it's a generic one that everyone gets that have read one of his books on Goodreads?
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