Jaylen asked:

I have seen the TV show season one. Is it like the TV show?

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rimskur Honestly, the show is much better than the book. The book was good and all, but literally had no concept of time. Basically, the show just gives more depth to the novel. The pilot is basically is all of the first book and if you read the second book, it goes off into completely different directions. It will not spoil anything for you as the book and the show are distinctly different. But, I will assure that neither is a disappointment. It is just whether which one you read or watched first is more prioritized in the mind. So, if you watched the show first, you will feel that the book is disappointing in comparison. And if you read the book first, the show is disappointing in comparison. But, both actually are very good!
Dewey It's nothing like the show. The books are far better but that's coming from someone who read the book before watching the first episode and was deeply disappointed.
Sam Whitehouse The pilot episode of the tv show is an adaption of the book. The rest of the series has been made up by the tv show's writers, but is still based upon the concept of the book.
Michael Adams They're both kinda different. The book seems to be aimed at middle-high schoolers, but the show seems to be aimed at just high schoolers. The first few seasons of the show are really good but it's a CW show, so they definitely turned it into a primetime soap opera.
Holly Oh hell no! Its so different. Finn doesn't even exist. They are REALLY different but the book is a good story on its own if they made a TV show that was exactly like the book it would still be great!
Annabeth13 First of all watch the show, but the Tv show is kind of like the book in the way that they all have the same broad plot line 100 juvenile delinquents are put on Earth to see if it is survivable, and Clarke, Bellamy (though his character is really different in the beginning he is more like Graham), Octavia, and Wells are all characters but other than that the similarities end there. One thing is that Clarke's mom is still alive. Also once the 100 reach the ground they don't really work together Bellamy kind just takes over as the leader and they live by "Whatever the hell we want" (terrible choice) . This is until SPOILER they find out they aren't alone at the end of the first episode END SPOILER. Then it is about surviving, but overall watch the show it is my new overall favorite Tv show through out all my life (though parks and rec will always be my favorite comedy) it takes a while to get into but once you do you won't be able to start and season 2 just makes the show even better. So, I would recommend watching it. Though waring bellarke doesn't happen we are still wait though the developer says it isn't going to happen and it kills you since they keep staring at each other like they are in love and ughhh (sorry about that that is my own problem).
Maria Rose As a person who watched the entire series before getting all the books to read, I knew the TV adaptation would not completely match the books. This is one of the times the I have read something after watching a screen adaption, as usually I have read the book and have to complain that the screen adaptions don't match. What you have to remember is certain things on paper (as in books) don't convert well to the screen so the screen writers will adapt the story for a better screen feel. If you realize that, then reading the book will help you fill in the gaps in the story that the TV adaption leaves hanging.
Selefa I almost finish the book, and well... and didn't like so much... not the story
but the writing... I like the story as far... The writer repeat the same esoteric feelings over and over through the pages.
I saw the series and as I can say the book it's the first 2 or 3 episodes from the series. On the contrary the TV-series has many many mistakes... but also suprised me a lot...

Sorry for my writing... I am not native speaker...
(it's not obvious... hahahaha)
Martin Lentz Good to know, thanks. Haven't read any of it yet. I had the same thing with The Game of Thrones. Great landscapes and a good try to bring The Dark Ages on screen, but not close to the story in the book and probably the real thing. Reality is way more brutal. :)
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