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I couldn't put this book down. I loved it, the quirky characters, the Museums, lessons learned. I think this is one of those books that are for 100% Right Brain people. Many of my friends just couldn't get into the story and I had a hard time putting it down!

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Cathy Sargent As an INFP right brain (introvert, intuitive, feelings and perceptive type) I could not agree more! Yes introverts couldn't put the book down while extroverts just couldn't get into the story.

I also loved the quirky characters detailed to a gnats eyebrow as well as the Museum.

Your comment about the right brain reminds me of the story of the introvert and the extravert. One day the two were taking a walk when they spotted a huge mansion The extravert exclaimed.."wow let's go inside there! "The introvert asked him "why?" The two came to an agreement about checking out the inside of the castle. The extravert became bored and said " lets get out of here" The introvert was captivated with some ancient manuscripts and was absolutely mesmerized and wanted to stay.
Rad I love this book. I can really sink deep deep into the world and the characters she has created. I love googling about all the paintings. I really like the character Boris. Such an interesting friendship, described in amazing detail.
Linda Interesting Cathy, I'm an extravert! It must be that 1% of my Left Brain!!
Amanda Sloan I totally agree. I have it read it twice and couldn't put it down both times. The characters are beautifully developed and years later I still think about them. But then again, all of Donna Tartt's books are like that...
Offthehook i don't know about right or left brain, but I started reading it a few years ago, and just couldn't get into it (I got as far as the incident in the museum), without actively disliking it. I think I was probably reading it when I was tired.

This time, by the time of the museum, I already cared for Theo and his mother, and just wanted to keep reading.

I thought the characters were really well drawn - fallible, with redeeming features. And even when there seemed to be little direction to the plot for a good chunk, I didn't care, I was enjoying it so much. And then the plot kicks in...

So when I finished, I rushed to Goodreads to see what everyone else thought, and I see that it got a measly 3.88 average!
Cheryll Handley-beck I'm reading The Goldfinch for the second time. I read it over a year ago and remembered I wasn't happy with the ending. I'm rereading it now for my book club. I'm finding the second read so much more satisfying. I'm finding that I'm right in each moment and place that Tartt describes.
Roisin I agree! It's not a book for everyone! You either get through this book easily and get it or you're the wrong audience for it!
Jason I'm an introvert and didn't care for it much. I don't hate it, but pretty much ambivalent. Never going to touch this thing again though, nor recommend it.
Chelsea Funny! I am a left-brained extrovert (ambivert?) and loved it. I think my left-brain loved the attention to detail and descriptions of art and woodworking (Hobie - with this passion for detail, was my favourite character, and I am a scientist...)
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