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Nesibe Yıldız I couldn`t find this book successful. I tried to contact the author as well. Below you can find my message to her.
Hi Carina,
I have just finished reading your book "Kirschroter Sommer" and it took me somehow one week, or actually a bit more than a week to read the whole book.
Unfortunately I have to write here that I am really disappointed with this book. I had a look at Goodreads reviews before I started reading and there were so many positive comments concerning the story, the main characters etc.
I do like romance novels. Of course there are good and bad romance novels.
I simply want to list here what really irritated me while I was reading your book:
First of all there is a very "deep" connection between Kirschroter Sommer and Twilight. I was feeling like reading a German version of Twilight while I was reading your book. Emely was like Bella in many senses, her pessimism, low self-confidence etc. Elyas Schwarz with his handsome face and perfect body was not at all different from Vampire Edward Cullen! Should I also mention that Luca reminds me of Jacob? So this Emely-Elyas-Luca triangle is so much like Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle ... Just the names, nationalities and colours are different. The content is almost the same. I was really irritated by this fact and my irritation reached to a climax point when I read this sentence: "Ich hatte mich nicht in Elyas verknallt. Ich war unwiderruflich in ihn verliebt". Millions of people are familiar with this very famous sentence from Twilight`s Bella: I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him". Can it be a coincidence? I don`t think so ...
I love reading and I have respect for books. When I start reading a book, I should finish it even if the book brings me to the point of vomiting. That`s my personal respect for the authors. I was so much bored shortly after I read %10 percent of your book but because of my reading principles, I invested time and patience and I read it completely. It was so hard for me, the whole process. I FORCED myself to finish the book. I don`t want to tease you more by describing how your book tortured me but I have to tell you that I am angry. I felt like reading a different version of Twilight. You can hopefully understand my disappointment if I write here what I expect from a book: a cretive, unique story, no copy-pasting ... I don`t want to feel cheated when I read a book, I want to feel good. I want to feel that the book added some new colours to my life. Kirschroter Sommer could not give me what I expected. When I think about all those writers who produce amazing works but end up getting too little attention, I find it really unfair that your book, with its copy-paste Twilight story and characters, became so famous.
I don`t know whether my post will appear here or not because of my "honest and aggressive" tone. Every single word I write here comes from my heart. I have no aim of lynching you.
Barbara It's really really good :D
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