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should celebacy in pristhood be strictly adhared to?

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Zadignose This question is similar to asking "should Catholics believe in God?" The answers given so far (all fundamentally "no") are based on the presumption that Catholicism is bullshit. If you don't presume that, the answer isn't so straightforward. Taking the outsider's perspective, it's easy to reject another's faith. Should Christian Scientists go to the doctor when they're sick? If I have contempt for their faith, obviously the answer is "yes, you're sick, go to the doctor." Because, obviously, I don't believe what they believe.

As far as Catholics and the attitudes towards priests and celibacy, well... love of family and love of a woman might sound all nice, but Jesus himself had no special love or consideration for his own family, he didn't care much even for his own mother, the Holy Virgin, and he told his disciples to abandon their families and devote themselves entirely to spreading the Word of God.

Luke 14:26 If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

Angela I'm not Catholic, but I don't feel that denying oneself sexual activity makes them any better, or more divine in the eyes of God. We all make sacrifices. Celibacy isn't the ultimate of all sacrifices. Besides, it just breeds weirdos.
Iris I think not. I don't understand why Catholic Priests should deny themselves the love of family to be closer to God. I'm not saying that they should sleep around and indulge in "unholy" acts, but there is nothing wrong with having a wife who loves you or children, in my opinion. Of course they should choose wisely because Divorce is not an option, but other than that I see no problem.
Joyce It is not natural imho and I honestly believe the reason that celibacy is still part of being a Catholic Priest is economics. They can pay less if they do not have a family whereas other religions that allow marriage have to pay a living wage. Just my take...
Natia Christian Orthodox priests are allowed to marry and celibacy is reserved for the monks.

Kanhaiya Mathema How the volcanic mind could be taamed?
Andrew Lind Being Catholic all my life, I must say that this is the one teaching of The Church that I struggle with the most. I have thought about becoming a priest multiple times in my life but this is the one thing that has always held me back. Rather than bore everyone with the history of this practice, I will just cite the main Biblical references where it comes from Luke 18:28-30, Matthew 19:27-30, Matthew 19:12. 1 Corinthians 7: 7-8, 32-35. Now to answer the question, "Should celibacy in priesthood be strictly adhered to?" (My personal opinion here) In some cases, YES IT SHOULD! Priests who are part of a specific order and/or those who live in monasteries should remain celibate because they have decided to devote their entire lives to prayer, fasting, and alms-giving. They are the ones who are truly living out their vows. I think your average black suit white collar wearing priest should have the option to get married because he interacts with too many people and the temptations there are too great. The only reason (I think) why they are celibate is because it's easier to move them around from one church to another
Nathan "N.R." Gaddis By all means "Yes!"

btw, thanks Zad for getting this robust discussion rolling along terribly productive avenues. Because I'm not Catholic and I don't believe that Catholics ought to conform precisely to my particular manner of exercising sexuality. Thank the gods for that!
Amy Patton You deny the sexual activity, the love and loyalty, that it almost enevitably leads to (spouse, children) for God and the community. The preist is in love and koyal to them. God then through god his community. You lead the community through confession and prayer as you wiuld your own sons and daughters.

I think its easier for some than others. I know a small handful of people that relations have not came to them naturally. I know others that remained life long single men or women. Not because they a gay thing on the side or gay tendacy though i know people that fit there.
We would never dream of it and we havent contemplated or gave our life to the service either.
Kay If you vow to do something you should adhere to your vow or find a way to resolve it without a revolving door of "I adhere to it when I want to" or "I do the best I can".
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