Lissa Oliver
Lissa Oliver asked Gabriel Woods:

Do you ever have a stumbling chapter/hold-up chapter (one that just isn't right, no matter what you do, so you just delete and begin again - perfect!)?

Gabriel Woods As far as I can remember I have never deleted a chapter. I have been tempted!!!!
I will use an analogy to explain. You see I do know what the story is that I am writing. These parts must always be written down. It is as if I am travelling a road with signposts. Each sign post directs me to where I need to travel. Now, I can take stops after that signpost - write an additional chapter - but each signpost points to what must be written. If I do not include a signpost - a chapter - the progression of the story would become confusing and I
would become lost on the road. I realised this is how I write from the beginning so I have stuck to my signposts and I have not become lost while writing my book. I do not delete chapters, I think about what it is that is missing that is causing the chapter not to fit into the book. Possibly another chapter needs to be written before or after. But if a chapter develops, the way I write, it is a signpost pointing to a major part of the story.

There are times when I take the road pointed out to me by the sign post and it looks like a road I cannot travel. Then I move on to the next part of the story and come back to the chapter I found too difficult to write and I always manage to write the chapter. As long as all the signposts on the road exist in my story it does not matter when they are written or what I write inbetween. As long all the parts of the story exist I will write a chapter at any point in the story and come back to complete it if I need to think about it. I will write anything that I desire to write inbetween.

I hope that makes sense!!!!

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