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I think we can all agree that Twilight is a master piece compared to Fifty shades of Grey?

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Ali My shopping list is a masterpiece compared to Fifty Shades of Gray
Captain That is like saying mule shit is better than horse shit. Bottom line, both are piles of shit.
Robyn Hunter Both Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey are romance novels. They deliver that excellently.

The love between two people regardless of their species/strange sexual tendencies. The way Bella and Edward fight for their love and survive it all is how a romance novel is suppose to be. The love between Ana and Christian is real if you ignore the strange sexual behaviours and contracts.

Fifty shades of Grey wasn't written perfectly but it was self-published. However, both of these books have been made into movies for the reason that they are popular with more people than they are unpopular.
M Quite a choice a book that celebrates rape while pretending to be a "sexy" bdsm book or one that fulfills, what is it, 17 of the 20 on a checklist of an abusive relationship?
Dusk Lunae Ya'll do know 50 Shades started out as a fanfiction of this, right...??
Liz It's also a masterpiece compared to the "Inheritance" books. No, seriously. I read "Twilight" immediately after "Eldest," and felt nothing but relief for how simple Meyer's writing was, how there was only a dumb simile once a page instead of once a sentence, and how the author was writing what she wanted to without trying to mimic someone else. Stephanie Meyer also, unlike Christopher Paolini, came up with original ideas for her fantasy world. Many of those ideas were stupid, but they were hers.

And this when I was in college, majoring in Engilsh, reading Shakespeare adn already having read Neal Stehpenson, William Gibson and "Dune." Just to give an idea of my background at that time.

So I always found it hilarious when "Eragon" fans would try to counter criticism with "Well at least it's not as bad as 'Twilight'!" No, it's so much worse that it makes "Twlight" look great by comparison. Seriously.

And I genuinely love the vampires' various mental powers.
Liz Krause I haven't read "Fifty Shades of Grey" but Twilight is so far the best romance novel I have read.
Boyboywestcoast Thats like comparing a pile of shit to a pile of garbage, saying well at least the pile of garbage can be recycled like what no you can use the shit as fertilizer... it's all about what you like and whether you like to be wrong or not.
Mary Abagail Mitchell Can we please stop abusing books because they are (in your opinion) better than one or another? We feel as if we are obligated to choose a book that is a "masterpiece" compared to another.
Chloe Kimmons I haven't seen Fifty Shades of Gray, but I can tell by the previews I've seen, Twilight is so much better. Some people may disagree, and that's fine with me, but this isn't about a debate. I think that Twilight gives a more clear prospective on what a couple should be like. Fiction or not. I think that if you love someone you do what you can to 1. Make things work or 2. See if there feelings go to the same depth as yours. So, yes, I think that Twilight is a master piece compared Fifty Shades of Gray.
Rumcannie I only read the first book of twilight and hated it, I don't think I'll be reading 50 shades because I hear it was written horribly
Sarah Buchanan OMG yes. Compared to Fifty shades of Grey, this book is phenomenal!
The Dark Knight there's no Christian Grey though to make my fantasies come true
Tetiana Ok, so I think that you guys have to stop hating on Stephine Meyer herself. These were her debut novels and I don't believe any of you write so you don't know the pressure of it. I believe she can be a great writer if she gets some help so stop saying she has to stop writing for good!
Yuno Gasai Yea, I mean it does look and while you read it but it's similar because of romance and everything as well.
Molly yes, yes we can.
Henry Benjamin Can I have the theme and plot of the book
Sarah Darling Jones Yes, I felt like I was reading 50 Shades of Grey too minus the sex.
Bakos Krisztina 50 shades proved Twilight was really cool. But it's not too much, your average fanfic shipping is better than 50 shades :D (Both books could be great if a good ghost writer was hired by the way, the stories themselves are not bad, it's the style and author's choices that kill both.)
izzy curtis Twilight was ok and Fifty Shades of Gray was good.
Megan I...well...you're not wrong. You're not wrong. XD Especially since Fifty Shades is a FANFICTION of Twilight!
Kaile I really think Fifty shades of Grey is better because it is more everything even though Twilight is good.
Kaitlynn Mino I have never seen 50 shades of gray because my mother says it's not appropriate for me to read or watch. But both of the books
Snoopypanda Hmm.. I never thought about that before but you're right. Both were bad, but Fifty Shades was really hard to stomach. However, I did manage to read that whole book whereas I couldn't get past the second chapter of Twilight. And I had forgotten that Fifty Shades started out as Twilight fanfiction. Interesting...
Greg Absolutely! Meyer delivered on her promise: a teen supernatural romance. (Nothing great about it, two star rating for me, as I thought Meyer nailed the market for this one, good for her!). Fifty Shades was ridiculous: it did not deliver in any way, shape, or form, on anything, at any level. I suppose there is a market for porn books, but Fifty didn't even deliver on that.
Aya Monreal
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