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Christine Rosskopf I did enjoy the book - very much. Reading the other answers to this question, it appears people were disappointed with the lack of a "whodunit" story. I didn't approach this as a mystery or thriller. I read the book as an exploration of ethics. For me, the choices made by Claire, Isaac, Markel, Belle and even the curators of the Taft, MOMA and the Gardner repeatedly ask the question "do you tell the truth - even when the cost to you personally is so high?" Its setting in the art world and the technical aspects of creating the pieces and putting together a show were gravy.
Sylvia I started reading it, but found the main character to be too shallow and not very believable. I finally decided to stop reading it after the first 50+ pages, too many other good books to read.
Nancy I enjoyed the book very much and also read her other art/artists book, The Muralist. I went on to read another book about art and artists, Dominic Smith's The Last Painting of Sara DeVos, which I also enjoyed very much. Can someone recommend another similar book?
Lorianne I read it to the finish because I hate not to finish a book once I begin, however it wasn’t a five star rating. I failed to see the intrigue for her prison visits as they didn’t add to the story for me. The ending was rushed and the story lagged. Not a book I will remember for long nor recommend for a friend. Sorry. The over all plot seemed outlandish.
Barbara Yes, I did enjoy the book. Having been in the antiques and fringe of the art world for some 35 years, I can appreciate the hierarchy. I once sent a sculpture to a prominent auction in London. Their expert disputed my statement that it was EdwRd VII on horseback. She said it was Joan of Arc. I referred her to their experts book on the sculptors work where this work was titled as EdwatdVIi. She was so embarrassed that she said well, it has a poor patina. It didn't.
Katrina I am about to give up on this book. I really don't have empathy for the main character or interest in the outcome. For someone who is passionate about Degas it didn't take her much to decide to forge it, very fluid ethics. Not compelling enough to wade through and the ethical dilemma probably needed more tension and build up.
Susan Kane Felt like an airport read to me although I enjoyed the observations
about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Smac The book was ok, I thought the main character was very naive and very short sighted. As an artist, did she really not know that it's bad for others to take credit for your work?? Or that forging in the first place maybe isn't a great idea? Also, she really expected one of the large museums not to put their bottom line and reputation first? I did find the process describing how to forge interestingbut that was about it as far as this book goes.
Clara I thought it was an okay read. I didn't feel the intrigue, or the drama. I found the main character to be rather shallow. She makes dubious decisions and can't stand by them. it might make an intersting movie . . .
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