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tell me please if this is a good, interesting read?

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H-Grace Although only 2/3 through The Flight Attendant, I got onto goodreads to check whether others have had similar reactions to mine, and many have: departure from Bohjalian’s former style, Check; unlikeable protagonist, Check; copy-catting unreliable, unstable narrator, like in Gone Girl, Check. I’ll finish the book, and I hope that’s soon. I’m tired of the alcoholic, self-destructive lead character. I’m not a big fan of international intrigue and am sorry I started this book.
Melinda I had given up on this author. I really liked his first 5 books or so, but feel like everything written after his initial efforts have been a complete disappointment. Against my better judgement I decided to try this one. This will be the last book I read by this author. Another disappointment. This seemed like a departure from his other novels, and I felt like he was trying to cash in on the psychological thriller genre that has really taken off since Gone Girl. It was predictable and trite. Boo.
Elizabeth It is good, I read it in a weekend. I am tired of the binge blackout drinking main characters though.
Sue❊ Absolutely not! unless you like poorly written thrillers
Pat Arslanian I could not put it down. The main character, although not like able, is so flawed it allows the reader to really try and understand her while experiencing her story. I read it in one day. Especially liked the ending which I did not see coming.
Myshelle DeSpain It is so interesting to see all the different opinions. It really goes to show that everyone has different tastes. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I listened to it and couldn't wait to get back to it each time I got in the car. Try it. You may like it, you may not. Do not judge a book by someone else's opinion.
Janet M Sorry to say, I'm with Melinda on this one. Disappointing read. Got crazier and crazier and a whole mess thrown together for the you don't know if you're coming or going. Wound up with one big ridiculous mess - is how I saw it. Others loved it though.
Patty Macavity I'm disappointed. The premise starts off interestingly enough but then becomes completely unbelievable. The main character does some things that are just too stupid, even for a self-destructive drunk.
Barbara H As someone else replied, I am tired of reading about binge drinkers. Although the book maintained my interest, I did not find it as interesting as his early, "Skeletons at the Feast". Also the drinking activities were too incessant and the suspense dragged. It was not a favorite by Bohjalian.
Shirley Beaser It is certainly not one of the author's best books. I found it to go on and on about the main character, Cassie, binge drinking episodes, as well as, all the men she took to her bed after consuming large quantities of alcohol. Yeah....we get the point! I felt that the story was long and drawn out. It didn't really get good until the last few chapters. It barely held my attention.
Priscila Assis The book is awful. He detonated the main character. Poorly written too.
Kelly Wells No, it isn't. Dull as dirt!
Norma Kelleher It is a fast read. But, a "narrow plot." It needed more to grab your
association and feelings with the characters.
Patty P Yeah the binge blackout drinking sucks and the fact that every one night stand she says she's making love to them; it's not love if it's a one night stand to someone you barley know. It's SEX you are having sex with them or F%$king if your paying for it. It's driving me to put the darn book down. but I want to get to the end......
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Yvonne Yes. Read in three sittings
Kelly Yes. But, it does start off rather slow. This author never fails to provide a rollercoaster story so hold on to your seat!
Kerri Yes.....Yes....and definitely YES!
Barbara Cable Great book. Another reviewer said “Mic drop. Slow clap.” Yes indeed.
Ginger A very good read.
Sylvia Servedio Yes its a fun exciting read-following flight attendant, Cassie to Dubai,and Italy. Great character with a complex, interesting plot -mystery, suspense with a twisty ending.
Willemijn If you did not read the book. The serie (made last year) is much better ;).
Jerrie I liked it a lot more than several other books I have read lately. This is the first book I have read by this author; but, because I liked this one, I have now purchased others.
Susan spy novel but interesting foreign settings, one of his best
Elizabeth Evans Well, I'm not a fiction reader (generally) but this one grabbed me, and I'm currently "reading" it on audiobook. It's got me hooked.
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