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Kate Shock makes people act in really odd ways. I'm a lifeguard in real life and I've seen people be utterly consumed with their situation, something completely unrelated, or act like nothing whatever has happened. It depends on the person and the situation and maybe that was the intent here.
Mary I agree. I wish there was a bit more emotion in that part, somehow it seemed as if she only cared about her boyfriend.
She wonders about Teddy occasionally but when you think about the lovely relationship she has with Teddy then it doesn't make any sense that she kind of just shrugs it off... But she needed her boyfriend...
Even if Shock is a terrible thing that makes you act unexpectedly, why would she care about her boyfriend, like it's one of the first things she thinks about in the hospital?
Wouldn't you like try to talk to anybody and start to yell at them and wouldn't it make you wonder why not even your grandparents seem to care about Teddy at all???

There was a lot of room to intensify this story. I mean even when she struggled with the decision to stay or to go, her family just comes up once or twice.
I had hope to see her breaking down in all the emotion when she said that she now wants to acknowledge all the tragedy she's been successfully ignoring the whole day.
But this was also like just mentioned and then forgotten...

Mochaspresso I felt the same way. I also thought it was odd that neither she nor anyone else in her family seemed to make any attempt to see Teddy after the accident.
Jeannie Dickens I really disagree. The whole reason she was going back and forth about staying was because of her family and their deaths. I think she was extremely consumed by their deaths. I think in the first moment she saw them she was in shock and confused. She still wasn't sure if she was alive, dead, or even what was going on.
Sabrina Bay I feel the same way. Even throughout the story, she never seems like she really cares. That's something I didn't like but I told myself that maybe it was because she was in this state, but maybe a little more emotion would've make the novel more lifelike even if it's a fiction.
Keighleiah Jones I absaultly LOVED THIS BOOK WHEN I READ IT!
whos with meh
Book Believer I feel the same way, this scene had so much potential to pull in the readers. Add some development to Mia's characters. But instead it was completely glossed over. I was shocked of her reaction. I know it happened so quickly it might have been so hard to understand, but she really didn't show any emotion. At all.
Annika I totally agree, but yes you could say it is because she is in a shock condition but what really bothers me is that her grandparents and other relatives show no feelings or that they are not pictured! They lost their son /brother and daughter in law but no single feeling is described. To me they all appear like soulless ghosts.
Kathleen It's sort of shown in the sequel, Where She Went, after the accident, Mia really being devastated. Her grief is bigger in the second book.
Teanna Plainbull She had feeling about her little brother when he did so why would you want to ask such a quastion like that you probley don't know how she felt when her famaily died. That is all I want to say
Phoebe I agree! I finished reading the book today, I find it a little strange that throughout the whole duration in the book, she never really seems to be deeply distressed or upset about her family's deaths. I also agree with Mochapresso, in that nobody seemed to really have a desire to visit Teddy, or even directly tell her in the ICU that he died. Then again, she was probably in shock and was overwhelmed.
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