Tanya Harrison

I haven't read any of books from this series. Would this book still be enjoyable to a first time reader?

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Darlene Nicholson This is definitely a series which needs to be read in order. I would also recommend reading it before watching the new STARZ series to get the most enjoyment out of it.
Janine Clark Tanya, you would be crazy if you started this series with the very last novel in the series. It's tremendous but it's important that you begin at the beginning. Outlander is one of the best of the books. You can't miss it. Once you read it you'll be hooked and want to read all of the books. So please start with Outlander then go from there. You won't regret it.
Liz Engan You will be much better off starting the series with the first book, Outlander, and reading at least the main series books in order. There is so much back story involved in this book that it would leave you totally confused and frustrated if you started with this one.
Tri-crafter Absolutely not!
This book contained numerous incidents and subplots that referred not only to previous books in THIS series, but also to the author's other series of books, the Lord John Grey mysteries.
In fact, even long time readers of the series complain that this book was confusing for them because of the numerous past references.
Jacque Probably, but I wouldn't recommend it. I've read all of the books in the series, and I've re-read the first seven, sometimes more than once. They are that good!

I read Drums of Autumn years ago when I found it in a collection of used books, before I knew it was part of a series. I then found and read the first two books, re-read the third, then read the fourth, and couldn't wait to read the fifth! I've recommended the series many times, and I've never heard anyone say they didn't love the books!

If you're going to read them I would recommend starting with the first one, because it's a safe bet that if you read any of them, you're going to wind up reading all of them! If fact, you might want to save some money and just go ahead and buy the entire collection, because once you've read one you're going to want to read them all!
Patricia I found the first three books to be the most enjoyable! Definitely need the history of each one as they build on the next!
Brizo I'd start with Outlander (it's one of the best) and it gives you the background history. The next 2 (Dragon Fly in Amber, and Voyager) are great too. After that they wind up in America, and without that history of how they came to America & Fraser Ridge you might feel a bit lost. Good news is most of the libraries now have the 1st 7 books and the audio versions as well, as they've been popular for the last 20 years. The audio books are great (if you're into that) they have a wonderful narrator. That way you can catch up pretty quickly if you want to start the series.

I think you can watch the Starz series without reading the books, as it will follow somewhat but not all in the books will be in the show and they might create different things not in the books, as they have said. But the books are wonderful, and I'd read (or listen to them) just for their own sake.
Brianna Definitely start at the beginning - give it to the first dramatic moment and you wont be able to stop!
Nirupa Honestly, the series is too long and drawn out. I began loosing interest by book 4 but continued reading anyway. I definitely recommend the first 3 books.
Kristin You really must start from the beginning. You'll love it!
Bill Start with Outlander!!
Michelle Haggard It is one of the best book series. I watched seasons 1-4 from dvds. Then I jumped to book 5 with no issues. I eagerly wait book 9. Each audible book is about 50 hours. These are massive books....Good listening!
Karen Campo No it wouldn't make any sense without the history of the other novels, this series must be read in order. I agree with many here that the first 3-4 books were my favorites and then the rest just have so. much. detail. I am in the middle of this one now and keep putting it down, feeling like I'm not getting anywhere. But I love the characters so much, I will persevere! Hope you enjoy!
Cynthia Young No! Start at the beginning if you want to really enjoy the characters!
Amanda I agree you should read the book before watching the show (FOR the appropriate season). You don't need to read all the books before watching the first three seasons though, just the first three books. That's what I did. I wasn't done with 4-8 before watching seasons 1-2 on STARZ.
Linda Start from the beginning. You are very lucky because when I started reading them there was a long wait between each book. I got kinda stuck on the sixth one as too much was happening in my own life and I couldn't concentrate. I am only reading the eighth now and am loving every bit of it. I am about a third of the way through. Don't get hung up on the Jamie and Claire stuff. It's great but it is about way more. I love it all.
Sandy Hooper Start with the first book.
Susan yes one should start with the first book I started with Written in my own heart's blood and really confused don't know who the characters. Still reading it and falling in love with the characters that I gotten to know but still don't know who they are or how they are related
Sandra Walker You would really need to like love, war and sci-fi stories. I loaned my books to a friend but after reading only the first 3 books, he returned then saying they weren't for him. I have liked this type of book for 40 + years. I read my first of this type when I was pregnant for my first child. I have watch everything about highlanders I could find. And when the Outlander was introduced I knew I had to read the books. So if this is in your line of interest, you will love them.
Rebecca Kyzer Absolutely read Book 8 of a series first. I also recommend you immediately go and jump out of a plane without a parachute or instructions. Good ideas.
Donna Absolutely not - sorry but you need to start on the first book Outlander (my favorite). The series follows Jamie and Claire throughout all 8 books. You would be missing a lot of detail that has happened.
Maggie Read the series in order so you know what is going on and it will be much easier to follow.
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