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Brandon Although it has been said many times I believe that this is a book that needs to be read to be truly appreciated. We all know the story but the book adds so much more. There are scenes in here that are often cut out of the many rehashes of this story. The children clinging to Christmas Present for compassion, the ghost visiting miners and lonely sea captains at sea and even the scenes involving the nephew are all sacrificed for various reasons and they add so much to the book. Reading the book made me realize that the book is more than a story about one mans' reclamation and more a fable for all of us to learn from.
Frank Whatever you think you know about a Christmas Carole, if you haven't read it, you really don't know the story. Dickens weaves a narrative of a man transformed, not in an instant, but over the course of one timeless night. We see Scrooge begin to change upon first meeting the Ghost of Christmas Past, and become a happier, more open celebratory person as the night unfolds. The way Dickens uses language is truly poetic and can't be captured in an adaptation, though you certainly know some of the more famous lines if you've seen an adaptation, much of the bits that take the time to slow down and show Scrooge's transformation are missing from basically every adaptation I've ever seen. I was sitting in a Starbucks as I finished the book and was grinning and laughing right along with Scrooge when he woke up Christmas day, and I'm usually a more reserved person.
Joel Mcdonald Very heart-warming
Rachana A very very enjoyable read. It has the capacity to take you back into the time your childhood away from the mundane philosophies of a grown-up life.
Gabriela Serna I think it is a very interesting story, which makes us reflect, somehow, on our own behavior, since the story is based on a man named Ebenezer Scrooge, in my opinion a despicable man, who only cares about money. Although at the end of the story Scrooge changes and becomes a compassionate and generous person, I believe that it was not by his own will, but that the circumstances he goes through make him reflect on his behavior, and all the harm he caused to people that surrounded him. It is true that people can change but I can't believe in a person like Scrooge. I really enjoy the book. It is such an amazing book, even, when the phantoms are frightening.

Taja I really enjoyed the book. My favorite of all movie versions are Scrooged & the Muppet Christmas Carol so I was really excited to finally read it. I figured it would be boring and slow but it really surprised me! It was dark & creepy, but heartwarming and a fun ride.
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