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is animal farm a goodread for kids?

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Michael Donnelly
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Anne It is a good read for kids. I read and enjoyed it when I was age 12 and read it purely as a story about animals. A knowledge of politics and satire is not a prerequisite for enjoyment of Animal Farm. It is satirical, it is political, but at the same time its a great story.
Marianne This was required reading when I was in 8th grade back in the 1970s and I'd say it's a good age (12-14) to have kids read this but only if accompanied by a good curriculum to get the most out of it. I remember being asked to define and give examples "propaganda" and "bandwagon" as well as many other important words and social/political concepts. Animal Farm is an excellent teaching tool for introducing children to totalitarianism and the methods used by governments to gain control over a population as well as how the population contributes to the demise of their own freedom.
Kieran It's an excellent read for children. It introduces them to satire, allegory and propaganda, in an easily digestible format. Understanding these concepts is not a pre-requisite for the book, they can be uncovered and understood along the way.
That said, if you are speaking of children ages 4, 5, 6 who are still just beginning to learn how to read, no it's not suitable. If you mean older children, 11, 12 then you're at the right age mark. You didn't stipulate this in your question so I felt the need to clarify it here.
A 12 year old is perfectly capable of beginning to grasp concepts like Democracy, Totalitarianism or Autocracies or Capitalism-Communism-Socialism, and this book is also a great way to introduce these concepts as well.
The book easily lends itself to multiple levels of interpretation and depth, it can be revisited at a later stage for further understanding or as a primer for '1984', which can be read when they're older.
Thomas I would say no simply because they would not understand the satire and representation of it. A kid may like the story but anyone who actually understands what the symbolism in the entire novel is will love the book.
Zoë It's a little disturbing, and honestly age 12+ is probably most appropriate for this book. However, a person may need to be of a higher maturity/age group to understand the allegorical messages of this novel.
Brenley That depends entirely on the child's age and understanding of literature.
Gracie Maybe eleven or twelve and up. It's about dictators and human cruelty and murders and whatnot. I read it when I was thirteen, that was fine although a lot was explained to me.
Emily I'm 12 and I just read it. It's fine.
NorikoY Yes, but don't expect full understanding.

If a child reads this now, he/she will understand it in their own way.

And in later life, re-read, and understand the novel differently.
Ioana Savin It depends on the age. Keep in mind that violence and death are described in the book. Avoid those parts or read it to the kids (if you haven't done it already) when they are a little older. Also, I would advise you to introduce them to the dictatorships' ideologies before starting the read.
Mis Haisoj Originally George Orwell wanted the book in the adult section, but many book stores put them in the children section. George was horrified by this so he requested the book stores to put the book in the adult section also.
As a result, it is considered both a children's read and adult's read
Isabella Hill Um maybe, but the book is way more interesting if you know about politics.
Amarshalla Of course it is. I first read it as a child and going back to it after a while, figuring out what was all about was fascinating
Kieran Barker Thomas- I read it when I was 11 and 12 and LOVED it, not only because it was a great story, but because, after some reflection I decided it was based around Communist Russia, with Snowball being Trotsky, Napoleon being Stalin, etc. I had a great knowledge of history.
Emma No the reading level is good for someone 13 or older, but the maturity level is much higher. It helps to have someone explain certain parts. That is why it is a high school book.
Katie I think that children should be a little bit older to understand the full allegory of the novel. They wouldn't quite be able to grasp the full Soviet Revolution concept yet.
Andrei Olarescu Only if you read along to share light on the historical facts. Afterall this is a book about Stalin. Otherwise this may turn in a reading about a farm...and nothing more, still there are lessons to be taken away even so.
Kristin Eoff
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RagsToRiches No,Its not story for kids.
Fay Yes. I read it as a child and learned more from it than virtually any other book. You won't have to interpret it -- the kid will understand enough. Knowledge of communism or Russian revolution is completely unnecessary because the book applies to all people and times. And it's fun to read. As far as reading level, depends on the child but I'll guess best for ages 10 or 11 and up.
Abdelhakim Elamin not for kids if you want a wicked boy
Nursima no ,
it is not only for children
kids are can't understand what the book give for their own
Angie Zheng There are some words that kids would not understand.
Wolfe No, I think it is more of a high school book. Then again I read it when I was in 6th grade....
Harsha IMHO, I don't think this is a book meant for children; It's allegorical. But there is nothing in it which will make it a 'bad' read for kids.
Richa Awasthy I don't think it is meant for children. Let them be innocent rather than dragging them to the world of political satire and revolution.
Joseph It could be for children, depending on their age. They wouldn't necessarily have to understand the book is satirical, but it would be quite distressing for younger children when animals are killed.
Andreea Not at all. It would turn in a story about a farm.
Ye Aung can be a goodread.but best read after knowing the satire not to disappear the essence of the book.
Adam L. More likely not
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