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aPriL does feral sometimes At the end of the book, Stoner has some self-revelations in which he comes up with explanations how he is about it all, if I remember.

I think despite Stoner's rationalizations about Edith, his daughter's issues and Katherine, he WAS true to his heart. He avoided the war when he was young. That exposed the choice he would make over and over - avoiding the wars of life in all of its aspects and echoes. That was who he really was, if not what he wanted to be. Perhaps we are following our hearts even as we think we have sacrificed, when actually it's because of unconscious and deeper feelings.
Gary Beauregard Bottomley He does follow his heart, but it's not always obvious. Edith, English and Grace were his passions. Anyhow, good question.
Nusrat I wish he had rescued Grace and then his great love (Katharine, not Edith in my opinion) with something of the tact and resourcefulness he showed in getting back the classes he wanted to teach. Perhaps that was harder. But I still wonder.
Jenny With regards to his daughter.. he didn't follow his heart. He let Edith get in the way. He should have been stronger and fought for his relationship with Grace.
Cecily To modern minds, certainly, but then and there...? Probably not. It explicitly states that he sacrifices his love for his soulmate, Katharine, not to protect Grace or even his job, but rather, because of the shared belief that he and Katherine would be destroyed if they stayed together.
Nan Yang I don't know how to put this but I feel like the "right path" for Stoner isn't who he really is
Mirela Vasile (Dinny) Yes, it have been. For his family, but not for the novel. ;)
Mark Edith would end up homeless!
Will Difficult to say, I think Edith was probably struggling with some sort of personality disorder, she certinaly seemed disconnected from reality. But he was a man that recognised his burdens, and felt he had to endure them, and make of them what he could. Yes, it probably would have been better for him to follow his heart, but I suppose he wouldn't have been the Stoner he is if he did.
Jackie L I don’t think so. If you remember, he and Katherine had a conversation about what would happen if they threw caution to the wind and escaped together. Even if they were willing to go through the shame, loss of friendships, loss of job, difficulty finding a job, a divorce battle, etc, they decided against it because it would destroy who they were, their essence. They would become different people and that’s not the same as remaining who they are now, and keeping those identities and living openly in love.
They both agreed it wouldn’t work.
David Little Thanks for the spoiler! I'm not finished yet
Ramona Honan He followed his heart but made made bad decisions and was not strong.
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