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Barbara Rhine asked:

How many words did you look up in the dictionary while you read this book?

Eric Cantori Ha! I thought it was just me! It makes me feel refulgent...
Quinton All I can say is thanks to Kindle for making looking up words easy and convenient, saved me heaps of time....
Jennifer So many! I'm so happy someone felt the urge to confess that info and let us join in!
Tamela ....didn't keep count either but all listed here plus...resipsa loquitur, cartouche, Nisei, I didn't know William Kunstler and had forgotten about Madame Defarge. I will now also read the short story: A Report to the Acacdemy...ah, the love of reading.
librarianka I am listening to the audio reading of the book which makes it harder to stop and look up the words. There are numerous. Sometimes I won't know their spelling until I look at the print copy later. I can finally relate the word "ithyphallic" with a wonderful, joyful statue of a man on a horse at Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice.
Missy Dollahon My Kindle's dictionary wasn't working and it was driving me crazy! So I read it on my kids' kindle just for the dictionary :)
Paul Fulcher I suspect fewer than the author did while writing it, the use of complex words seemed an attempt to distract from the lack of literary merit.
Mary refulgent, ineluctable...and I'm not very far into the book so I'm sure there will be lots more.

There's a reason for her fancy vocabulary in the story: motormouth Rosie's babysitter Rachel would teach her a new unusual word if she could just shut up and stay quiet for one hour (using a kitchen timer).
Kerenza So so many! I too am thankful I chose to read this via kindle!

"Big words" were ineluctable when reading this one!
Parkinpj Fourteen. It is iniquitous how it seems many authors, indeed many of us, seem ashamed or afraid to use uncommon words. It was a pleasant challenge. Wish more authors would dare.
Tom Darlington I kept a running list in the back of the book... so many words to look up
Judy Fowler I don't remember looking anything up as I thought the narrator explained the word game as she went (?) (I'm currently reading the 'Alexandria Quartet' and am feeling very dim-made worse by the 'masterpiece' label)
Trish Clarke lot's, and I was telling my friend who is a Dr. of Zoology that I love my Kobo for the dictionary function. She scoffed, as in "how many words don't you understand in popular fiction, I prefer a real book". I sent her a copy of this, she loved it and still owes me a bottle of wine. o
Sofie (sofieslovelyworld) I had to read this book for my study and we had to look up all the words we didn't understand at first sight. I reached 330 words, quite heavy. (I'm Flemish, so I guess that's rather fair :p )
HeatherAnne Norbury Only one but it's a cool word and now I must figure out how to slip it in conversation: oneiric. of or relating to dreams or dreaming.
Caitlin Brady OMG, me too. But I usually read on the kindle, making the looking-up part really easy… This was a paper back x-mas gift. For the first time I miss my kindle!
Ann Brogan Also a lot! Let's say I won't forget ithyphallic for a long time!
Sigrid A lot, but I am reading it in a foreign language (my mothertongue is german), so I thought, it's just because my english is not good enough.
Andi A lot! And I bought this one in hard copy rather than through my Nook which made it all the more difficult!
Mutakabbir Tayib So far the most searched unknown words in a book. :)
Cindy Abramson I like to have physical copies of books for book group. I have so many notes and definitions written into my copy, I was embarrassed to loan it to anyone! I feel so much better now knowing it was not just me.

I totally disagree with those who said it was to make up for lack of literary merit. I thought it was integral to the character development and completely believable based on her childhood experiences. Rosemary focused on becoming excessively articulate because language was something she could do that Fern could not.
Paul Fierlinger All the ones expected (and designed) to be looked up.
Cathy lol! I didn't look up any, but simply marked them with a sticky note. I've just looked them up before entering the book on my goodreads page.
Anne Landers About 7-8. Fun!
Dana I dog-eared dozens of pages to go back later, phone/dictionary not at hand!
Pamela Minuk Yes, my OED was beside me all the way.
Sheena P45, second visit to the dictionary
Deborah Solomon I could tell you accurately if I had read it on Kindle, but at a guess 10 or so. The question now is how many could I correctly define- about half that, and would any of them enter my vocabulary- sadly no. But that last point I fear, and I do mean fear, could be a result of my advancing age and lapsing memory.
On the bright side, I still do love reading- seeing the world through other's eyes and challenging my thinking.
Mireille H. many I decided to read it later :S
Harpsichore Good that it is not just me.:)
Fedi A lot. It was so fun learning a great deal of words. I am glad I am not the only one xD
Sheila So far, I have a list of a dozen words I had to look up --- and I'm only on page 107!!! Obviously I am learning something - and really enjoying the read...
Alexandra Brown Haha Thanks for confessing that - I thought it was me! I was wishing I was reading it on Kindle because there were so many words I didn't know!
Maryallyn So many that I started writing them down on a blank page at the back of the book.
Deb Quite a few, but that just added to the enjoyment of the book!
Marcy Many!! But that's one of the great things about the Kindle; I could just click and find out without stopping.
Dena We read this for book club a while back and most of the folks had to look up quite a bit! haha!
Heather At least ten. Maybe twenty.
Say Loads but the joys of reading on Kindle made it less distracting. Initially the use of long words annoyed me till I realised why they were included and their significance in highlighting the difference between the 2 sisters.
Barbara Rhine OMG, a lot, but I didn't keep count while I did it. At lest 25?
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