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do you think cc is writing too many books?

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Honor Christabelle I think if you don't want another series, then don't read it. There are still people like me who want to read it, so she'll keep writing it. Like apple can't make too many iPhones. If she stopped writing, she wouldn't be making money, and my life would have a gaping abyss.
Stéphanie Cassandra is a writer. Writers write books. It is their job.
Cindy WHAT!!?? Of course not!! It's never enough :)
Matt Nah. No one's being forced to read it. If you've read enough shadowhunters just don't read the new ones, simple as that. There will be people who still want to read them, and Cassandra still wants to write so why not?
Nina van der Kooij No, it's awesome that she's writing more books. Not much people do that, and it's a world in which many stories can take place.
Erin I think if it was all of the exact same series with the exact same character, THAT would be overdoing it
Tiffany Wotring we still need a resolution to Jace and Clary!!
Alexis I honestly thought she was writing too many and that she would get lost in her worlds and the plots would become repetitive and muddy but every new series she releases surprises me and reminds me why she is one of my favourite authors.
Ria Hell to the yeah, 5 series of shadowhunters is over doing it in my opinion. She should have stopped at CoHF, I loved TMI but TID was pretty dull for me.
Jen Z I understand that the fans writing here are much much younger than myself, I am 54, and I don't wish to come across as picking on young people, but this is an odd question to me. Is the series merely a cash cow that Clare is contracted to continue milking? Is that what you're getting at? I loved the Bane Chronicles, but found The Clockwork Prince surprisingly dull.
Jessica No. I don't think she is writing too many books. I has creative mind for making books. The world of shadowhunters is good and i don't think five series is too long.

I think she should make a trilogy on Isabelle with Simon, then make one that is Jocelyn story and how she become in the circle and until she is now.

I would love to read and see a trilogy on Helen, the girl that is half fae and half shadownhunter and that is also lesbian.
Elysia Nephthys Well I have to say is that yes it may be to many but no its not actually to much because you never know what angle something might go. The TID is more or less the past which takes place before TMI and we have TDA coming out sometime this year. Plus we have other characters who are getting short series which will eventually tie everything together. But that is just me. Sorry for rambling.
Sofia Personally, I don't think so! Plus, it's her job and what she loves<3
naaz ☽✧ semi-hiatus There's no such thing as writing "too many books". I run on Cassie Clare and her books, without them, my life would be dull.
Beenish I think it's never enough. I'll always want more of this world, more of our characters and maybe new ones too but without repetition of course. I love all the books and yes, if it's too much for someone, then just don't read :)
Leah Rule She could never write enough books for me, she is my QUEEN!!
I love her to bits and I love everything she has wrote
Stéphanie This trilogy will be about Kit, Ty and Dru! It is set to take part 3 years after the events in The Queen of Air and Darkness.
Crystal Collie I absolutely love the whole shadowhunter world and each series is so good. I hope she never stops writing these stories.
Zac Matney I honestly don't think she is cause she's creating a big world almost like a big video game series in a way. I really love it a lotttt!! If you don't like her writing too many books, then you don't have to read her novels.
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