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This books scares me because I think, what if another plague happens? I doubt it will. How did this emotionally affect you?

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Joelyn Christene This did not age well haha
Charlotte This question did NOT age well, wow
Crystal I read this a long time ago, but I still remember it fondly. Considering the fact that we're now in the middle of a pandemic, this book came to mind recently and I decided to look it up. This question caught my eye, and now that we're all sort of in a similar situation, I can say that yes it's scary, but I'm also hopeful because if there's anything history has taught me...we've managed to survive each plague that was thrown at us.
Fay K (reading.with.fay) I just looked this book up having read this book yearsss ago. First thing I saw was this question. At once I started to laugh out loud, and shudder at the irony. Most of the answers are literally so self-assured that nothing like that would ever happen again. Well, here we are folks!

I love praising modern medicine, except, I don't. It has definitely advanced, yet it is still flawed in many respects. While I like to stay positive in the face of the casualties of this virus (which admittedly does take a measure of denial) by looking at the survival rate as opposed to the death toll, it is still undeniable that we are staring death right in the face. So while the second thing I thought of (right after: we're living through a historical event!) was that this feels terrifyingly like a repeat of Fever 1793, I still must say that while reading the book, it felt too much like a work of fiction for me to grasp the extent of the tragedy. It has become too in-my-face now to ignore.

Humans are so short-sighted.

Stay safe, everyone!
Mika I am laughing the F*&$ out of the comments from years ago, the irony of it is so rich, yeah, sorry hunny, we're in something WAY worse,
Mahi The irony lmao
Priscilla King It made me grateful for modern medical science. We know what causes yellow fever, how to prevent it, and how to cure it. I like to think that if some new unknown danger were making others ill, and if I was immune, I'd be able to make some observations that would help other survivors find the causes and cure. Though, like Mattie, I'd probably feel lucky just to get myself and a few friends through each exhausting day.
Poppy Ushewokunze this didn't go very well...
Alex Oh friend . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Adaline Simpson corona virus is here! bahahaha
Sarayu I was extremely scared while reading this. I kept asking my mom "What if another plague hits, are we ready?" and my mom was always confused. This emotionally hit me because now I think about how lucky we are to be able to have doctors by our sides in minutes, helping us, treating us, and giving us medicine.
Angela The book did not affect me in anyway but I guess it would to other people. I tend not think about the future much but, somehow the future always gets involved in my life. Thinking about the future makes me worry so I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who gets scared about what will happen in the future. If your going to read the book think about how lucky we are to live in this century.
Taylor It was definitely frightening at points. I was thinking.."what if I lived during this??". To see my friends or family die right in front of me..trying to help them survive but not even knowing where to begin.. It would be heartbreaking. The book shows how far we have come in medical technology, which I know I'm stating the obvious, but sometimes we need a reminder of all that has changed. It was nice learning about the Fever of 1793 because it is something that actually happened and I never learned about it prior in school.
#KeepGuessing look at us now.
CSRreader148 I do not think another plague will happen given the vaccines we have today. Back then they did not give annual vaccines to children, and they didn't have as much medicine. It did emotionally effect me quite a bit, and I cried at one point. There is a lot of traumatic events, but that's part of why I like it!
Kylie It emotionally affected me by making me realize how lucky we are. We have so much more to use to help us survive this if we have another outbreak. :D
Ramsey Yah, It can definitely be scary at some points, but I don't think there will ever be another plague. Well maybe not as bad. This effected me emotionally by the science that anything can happen at any time and knowing death.
Nobody I read this when I was seven, and I've read it several times since then, and it was kind of scary. I had known about the yellow fever for a long time, though, so I wasn't too afraid of that specifically. But what about other devastating plagues? What if Ebola gets out of hand? What if a virus like the Bubonic Plague sweeps the earth, leaving few? It's a scary thought, but it's been sitting in my mind for 5+ years, so the fear has dulled.
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