Julie asked:

this sounds kind of like The Darkest Minds...

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Faye Alonzo Not at all. The Darkest Minds is dark only up to its title. This is waaaaay darker than that. It's even soooooo much better.
Tanie Most of the books have similar ideas/themes, but the characters, their stories and setting will be totally different. For example, The Maze Runner is similar to...Lord of the Flies? But very much different. I like both, The Darkest Minds and The Young Elites. I actually enjoyed The Young Elites more than Legend though.
Chianna Li not really like either of them really. I like this book so much better
Fox NO!!Nothing like it at all-i liked this book quite a bit *a ton* more
Emma Vanderlinden I have read both fairly recently: nothing at ALL alike: different time period, different story, and a different problem or objective. Totally different books, both my favorites and super amazing.
Bella This book is way way way darker than The Darkest Minds could ever be. After reading this book, even books that are supposed to be mysterious and scary seem just plain stupid...
lebedeva it felt a bit like Grisha trilogy to me tbh I love both series
Caroline Paxton It IS The Darkest Minds. EXACT same premise, except that this is more of a fantasy and The Darkest Minds is more dystopian. The Darkest Minds was infinitely better. So was Shatter Me, which also had a very similar premise.
Matthew Telles It is similar in the premise of the story, the execution however is a lot different and you won't think these two books are the same at all.
༓☾ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅʏ☽༓ I know right! A disease that kills and the people who survive have powers
Sophia The Darkest Mind's is a happy go lucky road trip. This is muuch darker...
Thomas The summary does sound like the darkest minds
Skyla that was my exact thought!
Janet This book was so dark it scared me -_-'
Tiffany Mae It's nothing like The Darkest Minds. It's a true work of art. Sure there is a disease and kids get powers...but it's different...it's better O.O -finishing the book like- O_e I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!! #Scarlet_Stains_the_Thorns
Turner Keith Reeves So. First off, I can literally sit here and say that there are infinite similarities to infinite number of YA books. Most are extremely cliche, and bad. This one, however, is MUCH better than The Darkest Minds. Yes, there are things they both have in common, but this one just works better and is way darker.
Jezreel yes it is and also the Shatter Me. but i can't compare them because i enjoy each of them..
Katie Wickham Well, yeah it sounds like it on the back, but really, The Young Elites is leaning more toward Fantasy than Dystopian fiction, like The Darkest Minds. The Young Elites is set in a sort of medieval setting while the Darkest Minds is set in a time like present time.
Ximena Rodriguez ¿Es buen libro?
Stephanie Labarta This is nothing like the darkest minds. This is way better.
Lisa I like darkest minds but the young elites is far better
Clinton I would say The Darkest Minds was a bit better and Im not a fan of The Darkest Minds at all.
Jane Gansey It kinda of does...
Megan And a bit like Shatter Me
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