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Ugh, this was my first time reading this author and after 20 pages I had to stop before I killed myself. Trite, stereotypic characters, lame dialogue (both spoken and thoughts in peoples' heads). How on earth do these people get published? Clearly not my style.

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Fran Granville The. Worst. Book. Ever. Where do I begin? Does the author have any knowledge of what it's like to live with a special-needs person? I do, and, um, Henry is not an example of a special-needs person. I have a sister with special needs, and I had a cousin who had Down Syndrome. Mark my words: They are not always in a great mood; they also don't talk about themselves in the third person. Let's see, three sisters with a horrible upbringing: One becomes a bestselling author; another, a world-renowned photographer; and the third, a teacher with a crappy husband. They are obsessive compulsive depressed, depressed depressed, and obese depressed, respectively. Their mother is insane, and their grandmother thinks she is Amelia Earhart. They are all disgusting characters. Have you ever known anyone with dementia? I have. They wouldn't know the day after that they thought they were Amelia Earhart the day before. And she HITCHHIKES TO THE AIRPORT? And she has the goggles? Please. The sappy (no-reasons-given) ending was not just sappy, but crappy. And don't get me started on the fact that they all dropped their careers to go work in the bakery or that they inherited a bunch of money or that their father made a comeback. DO NOT get me started on the incorrect spelling and punctuation. I particularly loved: "confectionary." They are supposed to be bakers, and they do not know how to spell "confectionery." For the love of all that is good and holy, I would like to know who would like this book. Oh, lest I forget: How many times do the characters have to say. "I love you. I do." "I understand. I do." Where did Ms. Lamb pick up that stuff? Who talks like that? I'm willing to wager that "I do" comes up at least 20 times in the book after someone has made a statement.
Cher Staite Thanks. I thought I'd be the only one who was totally disgusted by every character in this book. It was really bad.
Barb James This is my favourite book ever. It has stayed with me forever. The characters were believable and vibrant. The author uses the comedy to diffuse the seriousness of the topics. The book is far from trite or stereotypical.
To each his own, but I love this author and have read everything she has wrote and loved every single one of them.
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by Cathy Lamb (Goodreads Author)
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