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Is this young-adult series more for teenagers than for 20-somethings?

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Katherine Definitely a teenage audience in my opinion. The characters are fairly one-dimensional, which a lot of more sophisticated audiences would not appreciate. A lot of detail is given toward Clary's (the protagonist's) self-consciousness and ambivalent feelings about Jace (the stereotypical chauvinistic, male romantic love interest who secretly has a "heart of gold"). Ultimately, it probably is more thought-provoking and universal than a trashy romance novel, but very clearly geared toward young teenage girls. Even for older teens it's fairly juvenile.

I read the prequel trilogy a few years ago and enjoyed them immensely, expecting to find the same satisfaction with this book. Even though the character layout and underlying themes and concepts were pretty parallel or similar, I enjoyed this book a lot less; I feel that this is probably because I simply outgrew it.

Clare's writing style is beautiful in places, however, and that may appeal to you. I enjoyed her lovely descriptions of the city lights and backdrops. It really depends on your interests.
Trinity No way! Anyone could read this masterpiece!
Vik I am in my twenties and I love the whole saga. Really well written, amazing stories and plot twists, by the end of the book the author takes a part of you and makes you want to know what is going to happen next. It doesn't matter what age are the main characters, cause if you like fantasy, I think there's a fat chance that you'll love it.
Kayla The main characters are about 17, but like any good story it's for everyone. In urban fantasies, youth seems to serve the primary purpose of allowing characters to be under multiple authority figures and have an ignorance of the 'true' world around them. The issues dealt with are universal and timeless in scale, and not directed at teens specifically.
froot machine ITS FOR ANY AGE XD
but um i guess mostly teenagers
it really doesnt matter
Stasia Yung 18 or younger to enjoy it, mainly.
Jennifer I'm in my mid-30s and I'm devouring it!
Amanda Hill Like most YA books, The City of Bones is generally for an audience of teenagers but is also loved by older people. I know people in their 30's who love YA, so it mostly depends on what you like.
Jennifer Kinnison As a 40-something who usually does like YA urban fantasy/SF, I have to agree with other reviewers that this one is too simplistic -- and also suffers from pacing problems. Too much time is spent on teenage angst and not chasing down the bad guys.
Emily I would say preteen. I'm pretty young and I found the sentence structure to be very immature, simple and bland. I ABSOLUTELY COULD NOT STAND THE USE OF SIMILIES. They were irrelevant to the situation and took so much away from the story. my friend told me to read this because she thought would like it and I did not. I asked her what grade she first read this in she said 7. I believe that this is one of those books we read when we are too young to have experience in the YA genre and really love it and never realise how bad the writing is. Admittedly I have a few of these friends on the shelf but that's cool. You do you. Because a lot of these books were written when modern YA was first picking up some steam, a lot of the tropes that may have been coll when the book was first released, are really overused now. but it's not like o=it's the authors fault, she couldn't help it. I've been told that her writing improves as the series goes on but that won't change my opinion of this book.
Bubbles I think it's fine for teenagers, but really anyone older than a teenager can read it and enjoy it. I just wouldn't recommend it for young children, which I think is common sense.
Leticia Porter I thin anyone can read these books, personally. That may be biased because I myself am a teenager but I've seen and heard of adults and older people enjoying this book immensely and I know that even when I'm older I will still love this book
Anna Smith I'm twelve and I read it, I recommend teens/young adults reading it, but I guess anyone could it's just THAT good!
Nanette I think that it is meant to be more for teenagers and up, so I think that someone in their twenties would definitely like it!
TanishaK I'm in my teens and have read the whole series. It gets better every book you reed
Anna Manlapaz I'm in my twenties and I LOOOOOOOOVE the entire series (mortal instruments and infernal devices). I have a love-hate with Infernal devices though. Hehe. 95% love 5% hate. Then again, I'm a sucker for romance, mystery, and fantasy.
Devanshi K I am in my 20's and having just read the series, must admit I really liked it. I find Young Adult Fiction books interesting. I liked this series more than i would've initially thought.
Martine Clary is fifteen when the first book starts. But I would not think the book is appropriate for teens, or interesting enough for adults.
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