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Do you think it is right to read a person's journals? I am a hardcore Nirvana and Kurt Cobain fan, but I believe we do not need to know everything that was in Kurt's mind and soul. Everything he wanted us to know, he told us through his music. I got this book as a present, and never ever read it, because I respect Kurt Cobain enough not to read his journals.

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Anne Chafer I agree with most of what's said in the two previous answers, but I also think (I have to state that I still haven't read it though) one of the most important things to consider when deciding to read it or not, is what has the author to say about it. And based on one quote I saw which has been taken from one of his notebooks, he wanted someone, someday, to read it all.

"Please read my diary, look through my things, and figure me out."
Kendall Moore I think you should read this book for one reason only.

1. It would help you gain an entirely new understanding of Cobain as a person.

Look, I know you think that reading a dead man's diary is morally disconcerting but consider this. Most of what people know about Cobain and his music is filtered through others bias' and the media. So, if you ask the average person what they think of Kurt, three responses are possible; ambivalence, anger, or mourning. Essentially, what I am trying to say is that the music, despite its beauty, cannot fully do justice to him because of these distortions. Therefore, I think that reading his journals is not only acceptable but a duty that every fan should undertake. Besides, the book practically dares you to what with the inscriptions on the front and cover.

P.S. Ultimately, its up to you whether or not you crack open this tome. I will respect your decision either way.
Roxanne No, I think its pretty damn shitty to violate his privacy and publish his
diaries. Dead or not, Kurt Cobain deserves a right to keep his thoughts and feelings private and selling his diaries is a major disrespectful thing to do to the man people pretended to admire.
Vilhelmina I agree it is Kurt Cobain's privacy. I don't think it is right to read someone's (in this case Kurt Cobain's) private... sort of diary. I think it would be wrong to public anyone's diary, the least Kurt Cobain's private stuff. But there's one question on my mind. Who let his JOURNALS in public?
Brian F Really simple: if the person stated explicitly in some formal way that s/he was okay with their diaries being read, then so be it. It doesn't sound like he did that so I won't read them, even though, frankly, I want to.
Anisah A I love this book!
Rachel Elizabeth
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