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How could Matilda read a newspaper at the age of 2? She didnt even go to school, and her parents didnt even care about her. how could she do all those amazing stuffs?

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Laura They stated in the book that she is a gifted child... I wonder why are you surprised at the fact that she can read at 2 years old but not at the fact that she can move stuff without touching them...
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Bashon Mann Magic. It's a book, you can do anything!
Lauren Matilda is a smart kid who can move things with her mind and do difficult multiplication in her head, it isn't all too unbelievable that she could read at two, I was beginning to write and recognize letters at three so it could happen in real life.
Maryam It's fiction, and she is also gifted, i'm sure she is not even a real person, just a story character.
Bella Because god gave her a gift!
Zeynep (The Realist Romantic) I haven't read the book yet, but it is on my list now and I don't have any idea about Matilda. But my cousin was able to read on all his own when he was 3 years old. So I guess it is not that impossible in a book.:)
Conor O'Hanlon She is magic. I believe
Zaineb Mohamed Because super smart.
F R answer number one: she is said to be a gifted genius.
answer number two: me and a lot of kids i know have been able to read since 3. so a fictional character being able to read at 2 shouldn't surprise you.
Dylan S It's a fantasy book...
Banana Milk Because it's fiction...anything is possible. Roald Dahl wanted to give his readers an idea of how how intelligent Matilda was. What is one of the first things that crosses our mind when we think about what toddlers are un-capable to do? Read and write of course. She is a gifted child. I think the fact that she can move stuff with her mind is harder to believe than how she can read or write...
Lana Roald Dahl's books are written with some sort of fiction or fantasy, or sometimes realistic fiction in them. It's his style of writing books and I think he wrote them this way so children would say or ask things like:

"wow how could he/she do that?"
"Ha, ha! that's so funny!"
"Why did he/she do that?"
"when did this happen?"
"Is this person real? Can we go meet them?"

But we all know that Roald Dahl's books are for all ages, adults are just taller children 😉.
Maleka-Lee she torte herself how to reed and right and she never gave up.
Patricia K It's a fiction book and written with fictional attributes
Kayla Luise that's why we called Matilda prodigy
J Like the first chapter said Matilda is extraordinary.
Ana Paiva Did you watched the movie? I didn´t even read this book, I need this book right now!
Poppingcandy lover 28 Proberley because she was clever
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Ashlaya Also nowadays some children learn to read by typing on the computer or watching TV with subtitles in the same language as the audio, which is similar to how Omar Khayyam Moore taught to 3 & 4-years-old as well as children with learning disabilities. Though Matilda is not set in the same decenny, I think it's worthwhile to mention.
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