Talyah asked:

Is this anything like any of her other books (Razorland is the one I'm most familiar with. I know of course the settings and circumstances are going to be different. I mean more in the way of.....is there any ass kicking action? Lol

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Sunny I liked this book very much because I could relate to the main character a little--as can the author. And creepy monsters and imagery are my jam; I like reading about them--even though they give me nightmares. If you like Ann's style of writing, ghost stories, and can relate to being bullied to the point of depression and/or beyond, then you'll probably enjoy reading this.
Dejia Nope, NOTHING like the Razorland series - much to my complete and utter disappointment. I found this book pretty freaking terrible - I actually double checked to make sure it was the same author because I thought I MUST have made some kind of mistake.
Julia This book isn't anything like the Razorland books. I went into it knowing how much I loved that trilogy, which totally set me up for disappointment. I agree with everything Amy said. The characters are hard to relate to and though the premise is super interesting, something was missing from this series. Maybe it was the ass kicking action :)
Amy I loved the Razorland series (read it twice!) and was somewhat disappointed with this book. I found it to be a bit slow and hard to get into. I did not find the same connection to the characters as I had in the Razorland series. There were some exciting moments, and I found some of the imagery to be creepy. The book also had some dark parts. However, the "ass kicking action" was not like Razorland at all. Would love to know how you feel about it if you read it!
Cheryl While I agree it is nothing like the Razorland series. I like it much better! So confused at the negative reviews here. Especially since it requires more thinking and intelligence in my opinion. If you are looking for another Razorland, I would perhaps move along. But if you are looking for a fantasy type novel, I would still wait, but just until the other 2 come out. Because I am not patient and I don't like waiting. :(
Talyah Thank y'all for the info! I'm thinking I may skip this one. I was so excited when I first heard of this series, but in hindsight I think I was just trying to relive Razorland. The more I read of the premise and others reviews I feel like this would be a major disappointment :(

I'd read it for free but I'm definitely not buying it! Thanks again, this was a huge help in my decision making process :)
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