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which story did you like the most?

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Tamie I loved the part where Thalia and Markos become friends when Thalia shows him how to make a camera. The countdown while the picture is being taken, interspersed with future events is so beautiful. I also loved Marko's mother's attitude and action regarding Thalia. Marko's mother taught Thalia and Markos so much about how to face life.
Nayan Agarwal Idris and Roshi's part was the most challenging for me to read because it felt so real. I had so much hope and faith in that part. I understood the circumstances and the challenges Idris faced made sense to me, but I still had hope. This part of the story like all the others highlighted the shocking realities of life. Hosseini portrayed the true sense of human nature with such ease that it pained to read this part because it seemed so real. Just how often we get lost in our daily customs and routines and momentarily forget the experiences that have shaped us and how often we lose ourselves and our dreams in our daily routines and our fast paced lives. This part made me think a lot and that's why I loved this story.
Cahlia Nabi and Suleiman
Clint Paul I liked the part where Hosseini brings the cousins Timur and Idris. Two expats. What I noticed and felt in my heart is, most of us including me are like Idris. We are ineffectual. We like to start things at a good pace but when things turn around we try to dodge from it and find a safe place for us. Our comfort zone. To the people who turn out to be Timur, who gets things done and make a difference you all are the real heroes
Tracey Leonard Nabi and Suleiman and Abdullah and Pari-
Mohammed Faiz Kamaludin I read the Parwana chapter twice, very deep and twisted!!! Very dark to me, can't imagine the inner thoughts and what goes in peoples' mind sometimes!?
Akshitha suleiman broke my heart. i loved the part where nabi and suleiman bicker like a married couple.
Ruchi Das The one where a finger must be cut to save the hand. Sigh! Sadly, this was the ONLY quote I liked in the entire books. I was hoping for something more lyrical, considering its Khaleed Hosseini.
Michelle Nabi's letter and Nila Wahdati.
Sarah Adel and Gholam! I expected Gholam to inherit the Wahdati house for some reason.
Lily Lee Nabi and Suleiman's story!!
Siti The chapter about Madeline and Thalia, Markos and his mother.
Atanu B The story I liked the most was of Nabi, Nila and Suleiman. But also liked Markos and Thalia's story in terms of storytelling style.
Carla Cerra The Paris' relationship was the most satisfying for me, probably because it finally made a little sense. Idris and Roshi's relationship was bitter-sweet, but understandable and I couldn't help but think that Mr. Hosseini probably found that account all too often.
Taibah Nazir I liked Parwana, Nabi and Idris' stories the most.
Qistina M About the side characters- the kid named Manar. And Roshi..they're so sad. I like how Markos and little Pari's stories are about taking care and breaking free from the shackles some of us are born with.

About Idris, because it is so close to heart.
Athena I liked Nabi's story the most. It had the most gratifying and an almost bittersweet end. His redeeming arch touched me in a way that other stories in the book failed to.
Mohan Rao I loved the story about Markos and Thalia. Unnatural siblings but what a chemistry between Thalia and Odiela! Odie transformed Thalia upside down internally. Even though that story was not connected to the grand scheme of the main story, it was the most inspiring.
Eletria Biswas My favorite was Idris and Roshi's story, it seemed so authentic and I related to Idris so much since I know that is exactly how I (and probably most second gen. immigrants) would have acted.
Chrissa I actually really loved Pari's life story.
Akshara Gnanendra Pari's story especially when Pari is old with children and grandchildren of her own. It is a story of the emergence and prevalence of hope despite seemingly unbearable odds. Despite all she has grown through, Pari is tolerant of her misfortunes and endures difficult circumstances to make herself a future of positivity and meaning.
Semra The Kite Runner, indeed it was a mesmirising and spectacularly beautiful tale...
Saumya Soman I liked Pari's and Abu's story the most. Why and how they were separated when they were young, Abu's wait for Pari and their reunion.
Aaryaman Gupta Nabi and Markos' story. Only one word - GREAT!
Sara Al-Ajlouni Markos' story with his mother and Thalia.
Laura Without a doubt, Markos' story.
Grace I like the story about the div and Qais haha! And little Pari and Abollah HAHA
Arsalan Sajed I really enjoyed Idris and Roshi and of course Pari and Abdullah
Vash Definitely Nabi's story. Markos was the most boring story.
Shruti Pathak I'd not want to pick Timur's ( Idris, Amra, Roshi et al ) as the best of them, but oh well! this boy reminds me of someone in my life a lot. A lot of lessons to learn from this one.

Umm. the parts/relationships that made my heart flutter with hope, joy or ache the most:
1) Thallia and Odie
1)* Abdullah & Pari, the childhood ( definitely goes without saying )
2) Pari (Wahdati) and Pari
3) Pari (Wahdati) and Collette

Even though Tinos felt mildly superfluous, it's beautifully scripted!

Kathryn Colton parwana and adel . idris was fine
Adi Gupte I liked the namesakes' rendezvous
Elena Allison
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Shanle I liked the daughter Pari's story best i guess.
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