Mel (Abookishaddiction) Ruiz

when is this book ever coming out?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I have beeen waiting for this book for like the past 7 years. is it even ever coming out????????????? I AM DYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG FOR THIS BOOK TO COME OUT AND NOW IT SAYS 2030????WHAT KIND OF NONSENSE IS THAT?????

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VampAmber The wait for this book can now legally drive...
Macwolf01 [Elise] It's only been 16 years!!!! Really why would her readers what a end to this series? We ask too much of her clearly, personally at the point where not buying any more of her series because she takes forever to FINISH them
Cam Imagine how long I've waited. I was still in high school when this series first came out, I've gone through college, and now I've been working for over a decade.. still waiting. Not really interested any more but just out of curiosity. And to complete my collection. I do hope she finishes it.
Carrie Adair I've been waiting about as long as you for the end. Maybe we can all strike, or sign a petition, until she writes the book. She's been dangling this over our noses for too long!
Dawn For real I've suffered 9 years too long to not know what happens next ,my heart is terribly broken :"(
Ambrosia SAMEEEEE Like wtf when is it coming out like seriously. I mean she probably doesn't want to publish anymore because they keep taking her rights to her novels *coughs* Vampire Diaries. Also she's probably forgotten the plot lmao, I doubt we're ever gonna get this
Terri Hackett Ive been looking and waiting for this book for the last three years, having only found this series four years ago and omg im DYING WATING JUST GIMME THE BOOK ALREADY
Olivia It probably will never come out. She has Wegener’s Granulomatosis along with a ton of other health problems.
Aamina Khanum in her youth she signed a contract which her publishers have chosen now to enforce they wrote some books via ghost writers and choose not to publish others. she hasn't even wrote the vampire diaries books after midnight it was all done by a ghost writer. her publishers won't allow her to write her own books!!!
Shelby Loren I just cry over this for days. It's been 9 years since I first read all of the Night World books. . .although I haven't waited the 16 years or however many, I've been crying for 9 years over this. Ugh. :'(
Julita Stein Hey it's all right. Hopefully it will be out in time soon it also says that the paperback is coming soon. Don't worry I share the same pain as you and everyone else that loves this series and wants to read the last book.

WyldPoetry&Midnight Musings with Jaye I've been waiting for this book since 1999. I think she's salty over the way TVD and the secret circle tv series were both handled since they ended up replacing her as one of the writers .... just my opinion.
Lucinda Williams technically the wait for this book can now legally drink and is heading into midlife crisis mode... been waiting since i was 13 which was 30 years ago!!!
Jassicca I normally wait until the series completed before start reading it. I'll wait but I'm not sure if I'm still around that time LOL..
F. same ! i feel like it is never coming out
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