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.i think kresly should just kill evie and jack and death because most peaple want evie to end up with death but that probly not going to happen so there is nothig like emotianal readers,they will tell their friends and the friends will want to read it too.but since am pretty sure she wont choose death am less excited for it but i'll still read it though.

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Jennifer I'm completely team Death on this, it's just so perfect. But i don't think they'll end up together he'll probably go down as a hero, to protect Evie or save Jack because he know Evie loves him blah blah, i guess in the end i don't mind Jack but Evie better miss Death if his dies
Jenn Robertson Team Death...both have hurt her, both love her, in the end Death is the only one honest with her.
Fangirl_0214 I love Death, his character is so unique. I feel like he's going to be the one to die, but it'd be a nice twist if he got a happy ending for once. It's almost cliche for him to die and all. What if Empress wasn't the only one he could touch? What if ending the games meant removing the powers, his curse? I don't know, but I do think that Aric deserves a fair chance. He's had his heart broken so many times and he can't have any human contact. I can't imagine how it is for him, unable to touch anyone, hug anyone, being immortal, knowing the woman he loved tried to kill him.
Jo Garcia team Death until the end.
Elizabeth team jack all the way
Michaela Sterling I say neither..however I'm on the Death side even though its not going to happen. He will probably die.
Samira Lupiac i like death better too.... i hope krisley give me the end i hope
Ginny Drake Team Jack here as well.
Ana Team Death 100%. Totally agree with you with al of them dying, that's why love triangles are so problematic, they get you engaged with the story and when it doesn't turn out how you want it, it's a complete disappointment
Whitney Team Death for sure!
Kassy Team Death for me
Jacque My Cajun Jackson Deveaux! <3
Courtney/Taz Team Death till the end
KatS Let it be Death.
Katy I loved Death until the end of the second book. So now I don't like either of them.
Anna I'm between Jack and Death, but atleast Death doesn't lie to her.....but even if Jack can be an asshole, he's protecting her, always, and he can be sweet aswell....hmmm It's hard to pick.
Amber Actually, I see a lot of Team Jack people popping up all over (including myself).
Sue Death has not been totally honest with Evie.... He told her only part of the story behind Jack helping Evie's mom. Remember Matthew 'showed' her the truth, saying (yet again) 'he hurts when he helps'.
Lauren Combs I honestly read the book and was left with the impression that Jack doesn't really die? One reader had commented on this before and felt Jack was part of the Arcana league. I don't know. . . the book was amazing, but yet again Kresly, had a huge cliffhanger ending. I heard she conducted an interview and said that she planned on there being six books total in the Arcana Chronicles. I like Death, I just don't like how he forced Evie into having sex with him. I also dig Jack. He may have lied to her in the past, but he had his reasons. Evie also hid a lot from him, including her emotions and feelings toward Death. It's so complex! There's so much swoon worthy, impressionable, adoring parts of Death, and yet he can also be so goddamn infuriating at times. Whatever the author chooses with her final ending, I hope everything works out. That the Magician ends up with Lark, Selena ends up with Gabriel... and so on.
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