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¿Aren't you just dying to get your hands on Carry On, Simon? Well, I am! And not even GTL's darker, creepier version of HP, I want Cath's fanfic. Rainbow, if you ever read this, please consider indulging me. At least the end of it, I'm dying to know about it.

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Sinéad Nooooooo!!! The excerpts in the book were already so boring that I had to skip them to manage finishing the book.
Happy Latitudes No -- the only part of Fangirl that I had to skip through were the "carry on Simon" passages....and this is such a brilliant book -- but it did NOT need the Harry Potter knock-off paragraphs. Rainbow Rowell could have found another way...
ana I honestly just want to know if Cath really killed Baz.
Rue Kinsman SAME! I totally wished for the whole thing that Simon Snow was a real fandom, Cath's fics too. I mean. SLASH FIC IS LIFe.
here my plea, rainbow rowell! INDULGE THY FANS
we are in the simon snow fandom and it's not even a real thing yet ;')
Phoebe Personally, I found it difficult to relate the extracts of the Simon Snow story at the end of each chapter of Fangirl to it because I didn't know the story itself, so having an actual copy of "World of Mages" to read would be useful.
Casey Ugh, I found the bits of Carry On in the book very boring! The only thing that slightly grabbed my attention was whether Cath was going to kill Baz or not.
Peyton Terry Yeah! I really wanted to get more of Carry On Simon and the Simon Snow series. I really want Rainbow Rowell to write the entire Simon Snow fandom right away, but i also want to read Carry On Simon. Throughout the book, when i read all the snip its of the book and the fanfic, i wanted to read even more. Plus, if i was able to read the Simon Snow series and Cath's fan fiction, i would be able to appreciate Cath and Wren's obsession with the series. I tried to compare their love for the books with what i felt for Harry Potter, but it felt like it was way more than that.
So, i vote YES for Simon Snow and Carry On Simon
Kiddo216 I'm excited for the book. I read Fangirl in a day! but what I really want is to get to read carry on Simon but we NEED to have some Cath and Levi moments please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean come on did anyone else think the book ended too soon!
Yvonne Nah. The only thing I didn't love about the book were the parts of Simon Snow.
Kitty Carry on is actually a very good book
Sharmanka I don't think that'd be a good idea... Carry On, Simon was so boring, I tried to read it in the beginning, but I have read better fanfiction online. Reading/writing/publishing it would be just a waste of time and resources.
Helena I read somewhere that she'll publish Carry On, Simon in October 2015! I really hope it's true
Lisa Mcbroom I hated the Simon passages ! I was more interested in the dynamics of college and the girls relationships!!!! I don't like Harry Potter and the passages were BORING!
Valeria I just finished "Fangirl" and read that there's going to be a "Carry on" book and I´m dying with excitment!!
But, also, as a fanfic reader and writer, and just can't let go of Cath and Levi and really really need Rowell to write and least something about them on the net book!
Theodora Cristea I KNOW!! I'm dying to get my hands on "Carry on, Simon". I really hope Rainbow'll write that too XD
Izza n also wat the real author of simon snow,last dance wrote in the end..as in how she finished her novel???
J_a_de It has now come out, I think.
Asmaa Ahmed they were too much .. they distracted me till i made the decision to skip them
athbayaz To be honest I​ skipped through all the carry on fan fiction, however i wanna know if cath killed baz or not,
Maya 8D2B4 I read it and omg it was so good
Rhonda Johnson Oh yes, that would be a kewl spin off.
Elisa M. I'm so not a fan of slash, but I'd like to read the original series.
Panda Mudd Yes! I need to read it! I agree that it will probably be like a creepier Harry Potter. Love those books too...
MochaGeek There is a book on the fanfiction Cath wrote. It's called Carry On. I saw it in the bookshop the other day and freaked.
Hannah Dear I'm not a big fan of the whole LGBTQ+ thing in the book so I will not be reading Carry On. It's kind of sad since I loved Fangirl so much!
Brevin Well go grab Carry On. I kinda do too. Though I liked just seeing all the carrells from Carry On.
Frozen OMG YESSSSSS!!!!!! I honestly fell in love with Simon and Baz during the book and I really want to know more. More importantly, I actually want Simon Snow to be a real fandom. That would just make life perfect.
Adina Vanloo Yes, I am! Actually, Rainbow Rowell has written a spin-off of Carry On, Simon in a book "Carry On". It's available on Amazon!
Ty I'm just leaving this here...

Emma I just finished it. I skipped everything from Carry on so I didnt have any spoilers. oops?
Ariel Oh my gosh I can't wait for Carry on, Simon! I just learned about it today, and I already can't wait! Will it be about Simon and Baz? That might be stupid to ask but still...
Willa She is publishing it in October of 2015! link is here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2...
Katelyn holy shit yes!! I wanna know if Cath decided whether or not decided to kill off baz!!
Dari Yes!
We just need that, I searched so long for any Simon Snow Fanfiction, which are the "real" book, but there is nothing good. And Carry On, gosh, I wanna read it so bad.
Hanna Crisostomo me too, while reading fangirl , I honestly thought that I was going to at least read the end of carry on. I honestly like cath's version of simon snow better than GTL's and I know I haven't read any but you get the style and plot and development of each through the excerpts provided in the story.
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