Anna asked:

why is America so damn stupid?

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Sparkles I agree, she's ridiculously stupid and Cass is trying to portray her as smart and talented. D: I hope she gets better in the next book.
(I dont even think she was this annoying in The Selection)
Deepika Kalidindi We need more Hermione characters!
Krisz it's not that she's stupid - the situation is, KC lost track of her characters and in this second book she writes as if she's never even read The Selection - I was so annoyed and disappointed by the obviously non-minding, non-caring writing. I mean, doesn't she know her own creatures???
Britta I dont think she is stupid. She is brave.
Estefanie V. I honestly don't know. I am hating how she keeps going back to Aspen with this whole love triangle thing that is tearing me apart. She is quite reckless with her decisions.
Beth Davis i just finished this one. i agree, she is really dense at times and i want to shake some sense into her.
Rachel Hess my thoughts exactly. How you can string along 2 guys is beyond me... well, I know what she's doing, shes keeping Aspen as a "back up" boyfriend.
I'm hoping she stops being a douche in the rest of the series.
Twilight She is not stupid but she is very quite and mean to Maxon, if it was me I would love Maxon..
Amanda Is it just me or did she cry a lot?
Nadiya Your question just cracks me up. hahaha
Jen Smith This is the only thing that bugs me about the whole book. I am thinking it's the authors way of keeping us all in suspense. We are all young and stupid when it comes to boys/men at some point in our lives. I just hope she doesn't make a really stupid mistake. I have not read the elite yet, but I am hoping for better.
Mita_rose that's what I'm thinking as well at the moment... It's getting a bit irritating so I hope she will choose soon !
sparklytoenails America is such a dumbass she’s supposed to be smart and charming or whatever but the amount of times she’s done something selfish and annoyingly dumb has made me want to pull my hair out 😫😫😫
Cristina I don't believe she is stupid at all! Just a bit stubborn and strong-willed!
Taylor Somerheart I agree with everything that has been said. I mean come on, every MC has their dumb moment, but it end's after a few pages but America just dragged it on until the last book!
CatherineG_C2 She such a idiot in book two
Areaderwithnolife YES!!!!! the fight with Maxon about 4/5th of the way in was so stupid, she was jealous over him kissing other girls (which i do admit is wrong especially when he said he loved her) while she's over here kissing Aspen! also, she didn't even let him explain she was automatically like "oh so you're like gregory illia" if i wasn't reading this as an ebook on my computer, I would throw it across the room.
Elizabeth She is 17 and self-absorbed? If she thought things through from Maxon's perspective a bit more, she wouldn't cry nearly half as much.
Desy I don't think 'stupid' is the correct term.
Sennett It's so funny, because everyone says she's so mean to Maxon and that that makes her stupid and ramble about how they would be so much nicer to Maxon. 1. America is an annoying individual. Without the love triangle she would be equally nerve recking. 2. You do realize, team Maxon, that you're in love with an perfectionized piece of paper, right?
Ehlgee America is stupid because she made herself torn between Aspen and Maxon, and made herself confused about her feelings towards two. But of course, that made the novel so lovely, so I don't get to have arguments with that. lmao
Danielle West Lol, I love this question, but alas don't have a good answer.
Chelsea I totally agree!! I wanted to strangle her
Ukiyo I always liked her stubborn, highly moral behavior BUT she's such an annoying character and so efing stupid. The first book was good but the elite was just not it. She would kiss Aspen and then the second later she would get jealous over how Maxon was with other girls? Like girl cmon, she's just another insecure individual who needs constant attention and care. The author tried to portray her smart and brave but she comes off as otherwise. Often, I feel like she's more annoying than Celeste.
Aurelia love how this is the top question
cel i swear she doesn't even deserve either of them at this point
China I personally think Maxon should have kicked her out for her nasty behavior in the first book.
Yasmina Faiz Fucking hell, I thought the same thing. I didn't like how enigmatic she was and to top it all off, Maxon's actions weren't any better.

Her report. WTF. So useless, and to see how the King threatened her because of it. Those weren't even threats.

So cliché. "You don't want me as your enemy". Seriously, didn't the author think of a more original phrase?
Madi she's smart. she's just impulsive and gutsy. And sometimes that makes her seen stupid. I will admit she has done some pretty stupid things but she not stupid she just a little reckless
Author-ization She's not. If you were in her situation I'm sure you would make some rash decisions. It's actually good she's not perfect, other wise you would be calling her just another Mary-Sue. :)
Kate O'Donnell because shes really annoying
Trisha I just have a hard time understanding her as a character. She has no personality. I feel like she's supposed to be a brave character, but always needs reassurance. Maxon is super busy 1 day and can't speak with her, and she thinks that he doesn't love her. Like what is this?
Solene She is so stupid! I am reading the book right now, and I hate how she keeps interpreting every little thing that Maxon says or does as some sign that he's a horrible person or doesn't love her. It's hard to read, because I get so frustrated with her.
Laura Basto Así es la vida
Timothy Morrison Do you mean the country? Who knows? The character is not stupid
Sasha There's no explanation for that, (like many other things in the book) she's just so stupid and self-centered it's annoying.
Tayla Botha I don’t think America is stupid, I think she is so normal actually.
Always when reading this series, I used to hate the second book because it annoyed me so much with Maxon and America having unnecessary drama all the time one after the other.

But after I got married, I read the series again and I actually related to the second book the most – not because my husband is a prince or I’m jealous about the time he spends with other people or women.
But because the way they were together was so realistic and I often thought to myself that if I was in their shoes, I would’ve felt the same or would have reacted the same (as irrational as it was most of the time).
Bad things seemed to happen one after another after another in this book and that’s what life can sometimes become. Yes, America irritated me sometimes but I irritate myself sometimes too so…(haha I love this series!!!)
Cadence Winslow America is not stupid. How would Y'all feel if Celesta said something about your best friend who just got punished? I would have done the same thing.
Cassie Garcia I don't believe America is stupid.
To be honest I think she is brave, to still be at the palace with those rude girls. I believe that Miss Kiera Cass, did an excellent job on all the characters.
Amanda Well, what teenage girl doesn't have romance problems?
Panda So it can work on two levels when someone like you asks this kind of question.
Skyler She gets way better in the last book, but yeah she is pretty stupid. Team Maxon!
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