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Terri Hulse asked:

how long would it take to read this book aloud?

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Robin Wow your answers are all so sad. I thought if my kids read it before studying about the loyalists and patriots it would have been great. I just read it, really liked it and passed it onto my son's teacher.
Shaine Collier it took me so long to read this book because i kept falling asleep to the most boring book ever it so boring even a sloth wouldn't read this i mean come on it should have more blood in it like hunger games
Jasper Mcclellan Considering my entire class couldn't finish it because it was boring, I would say a long long time!
Abbi Davis It would take a long time to read aloud. It's not boring it's just long. I think it might take a little more than a month.
Helena Henriques It took me five days to read. I didn’t find it boring at all. In fact, I couldn’t put it down. I originally thought I would start reading one chapter a day, but pretty soon I had to do more than that. Don’t skip the seemingly boring parts; they add to the story, trust me.
Juliana Candela i read it myself in a day, you just have to be persistent :)
Anna S It would take about 4-5 hours to read out loud, if you were to read it in one sitting.
Lindsey Williams uh we read this book aloud in class and it took us about a month to read it by reading about 10 pages a day.
Paul Oliveira Eternity. Forever burning in the seventh level of hell
classicsreader Personally I believe the mount of time spent reading this would depends on how much social, emotional, and mental trauma that one can ignore (?)/normalize(?) in one 'setting'.
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Lauren The audiobook is around 8 hours long.
Kayla (BooksAndAllSorts) I had to read this for my schoolwork in about three weeks
Vladislav Kondrenko For you to be able to understand, not fall asleep, not be bored, you have to look up words in the dictionary that you don't know or not fully understand.
Michela Probably like 3 months to complete it, my homeroom was so tired of reading it, I got kicked out because I was reading another book. IF YOU READ THIS ON CASSETTE WITH YOUR CLASS, YOU WILL DIE
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