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For those of you with ARCs, will A New Dawn waste my time like Kenobi did? Not that I'm expecting A Game of Thrones from these Star Wars books, but there's gotta be something more interesting than Kenobi riding around in the desert on his eopie.

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Joe Hempel Considering I found Kenobi one of the best Star Wars novels written we have different tastes in what we want out of Star Wars novels. Kenobi was VERY rich on characterization and was exactly what it set out to be, a western in the Star Wars universe. His characters were three dimensional and the inner conflict with a love interest really helped to grow Obi-wans character.


A New Dawn is interesting because again, he creates compelling characters in the setting. You won't find anyone you know in this book, but you'll get little inklings of how the rebellion started. While this book is a lead in to the cartoon on Disney XD, this is very far from a YA book.

This book felt more like your typical Star Wars novel than Kenobi did, so maybe this will be more your taste. Lots of action, space combat, ground combat, and really good character interactions.

They gave JJM the reigns to launch the new Star Wars canonical books, and in my opinion, they did it right!
Mike Definitely skip this one if you found "Kenobi" a waste of time. "A New Dawn" promises much more action than it delivers. It seems to be a launching pad for some other stories that we're supposed to care about. Not me. And the whole thing is pretty well "sanitized for our protection" by the new Disney Empire.
Sarah - Exploring All Genres Having just finished the book I would say that if you didn't like Kenobi, which I hated that book, then you likely won't enjoy this one either. I found the first half or so to be as boring as reading most of Kenobi was and it was only in the last quarter of the book that anything worth while happened and even then it wasn't all that great. As this is, essentially, the prequel story to the new Rebels TV series then I doubt I would want to watch that series if it is anything like this book. In my opinion, save your time and money and don't bother with this book.
Cassie Hawkings I'm loving this book. I haven't read Kenobi yet but I have read short stories (which are no longer "canon") JJM which I hated and just skimmed over. The first chapter you get in an insight into who Kanan Jarrus (one of the lead characters in Star Wars Rebels) was before he became a rebel and joined forces with Hera.

The best thing about this book is that you don't have to know anything about the previous platforms of media in the Star Wars saga to understand this book. Because this book takes place mostly in the time of the Empire, you meet two of the lead characters from Star Wars Rebels and learn who they are and how their story leads into Rebels if you watch it.

It just has to do with which characters and stories you like. Not every book is for everyone.
Emily J. I agree with Joe Hempel about Kenobi, its one of the top 4 best Star Wars books I've ever read.

On the subject of a New Dawn, its not as good as Kenobi, but only by like a quarter of a star. Mostly because the restraints Disney put on John Jackson Miller about what questions and issues he could and couldn't address cut into his creative license in places.
C.E. I was really skeptical about this book, but I really enjoyed it. It was as dark and action packed as a story set during the time of the Empire should be. The characters were interesting, and the plot was paced well. I never felt like it slowed down. I would recommend you to give it a try.
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