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I'm halfway and loving it! But there seems to be one major plot hole, unless im very much mistaken. Draupadi's father seems to be planning the swayamvara such that only Arjuna can be hhis son-on-law. BUT at that moment in time, weren't the pandava and kunti thought to have died in a fire?

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Ritika Goswami Initially they indeed thought that the Pandavas have died but the All Knowing Vasudev Shri Krishna indirectly let King Drupad know that they were alive.
Sanjay That is correct, and there are many versions to this. One of them is that Drupada is outraged on hearing about their demise and goes to the sage who predicted that his daughter would marry Arjuna. The sage reassures him that his prediction would come true, and advises him to hold the swayamvara.
Another version says that Krishna goes to Drupada, hinting that Arjuna and the pandavas are still alive, and suggests that he have a test in the swayamvara that only an archer of the highest skill would be able to pass.
There may be other versions as well, and I'm not a master of this epic. So I suppose if you're in my place, just keep an open mind and enjoy reading.
Dinesh Patil Actually there are many versions of the Stories as per my knowledge and various books I have read i have derived on below conclusion.
Idea of Draupadi's Swayamvara was actually of Krishna, who using his skills convinced Drupada to set it the way Krishna want. The test was actually so tough only three people at that time were capable of passing it. First was obvious Arjuna, Second was Krishna himself and third was no one but Angraj Karna.
Draupadi had secret love toward Karna (it was said that she loved Karna the most even more than that of her five husbands) which she accepted when truth about Karna was finally revealed. But during her swayamvara Krishna made sure karna will not participate untill he is forced to and Karna very well obeyed but at last when nobody able to passed it Draupad made fun of everyone there to an extent that Karna was forced to participate. But this was not plan of Krishna so he forced draupadi to say things which she did not want to. Finally Arjuna in disguise of Bramhana came and passed the test saying Bramhan is high born and took away Draupadi. Before this everyone was of opinion Pandvas were dead in Lakshyagruha fire but they miraculously escaped.
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