Jay asked:

A disgrace. I can't even count this as a book, otherwise I would be forced to burn all of mine. How was this garbage approved of to become published?

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Montre I have no idea but this is a disgrace to authors who struggle to get books published and then this pile of rubbish that started out as a Twilight fiction is published. Btw, Her inner goddess makes me want to jump out a window, or set fire to the room that I am in.
Erica Smith This is what people are reading these days. Good writing no longer matters, if a book includes anything about sex, it will be a hit! We should all just write books about sex. We'll be rich instantly.
Deborah Vespo Just the conversations between them, I found myself pounding my head on my desk. Miss Steele or whatever her name is drives me out of my mind! She kept referring to her internal feelings or reactions of her 'inner goddess' and I kept wishing her 'inner goddess' would knock her upside the head. I read it once before and went back again thinking the movie is coming out... I'll go ahead and reread it. No more!! I've read a young adult author that started writing a series when she was 13 years old. That was written better.
Ebbie To convince women/society that "making the decision" to become "submissive" is actually empowering...and also that it is okay to be "bought". Pure genius form of enslavement because it worked on millions. I keep asking if it would still be, what many women call, a "powerful love story", if Christian was middle class (not by household gov. standards) or dead ass broke. But no one has the answer. What draws people to THIS book is purely superficial. Fucking sad and pathetic.
Ryan Watson I've seen highschoolers with better writing style than this book.
Daniela Cardenas Ortiz It really irritates me that people think this book is too explicit. I wonder how people go on about this word listening to songs about getting bitches and thots and about asses? Or how people go on fapping to porn? Or the fact that people go lay and have sex with a female/male? This is reality and it is a fantasty certain people like to have. Maybe the author wants to show how or why this happens? You're not gonna wake up and never learn about sex? It it is a new way and expression. Sex does not always have to be passionate. I enjoyed this book based on the mind of Christian Grey and that Anastasia wants to figure him out. I hope you guys wake up and snap out of your day dream. This is reality so stop live in lala land. Okay. Bye.
Jane Smith U r title to ur opinion re read it nd u will understand the concepts it just about sex something that we all do he just like his in a freaky way
Jillian Powell I agree fully with your statement. Kept reading thinking there had to be something more besides this poorly written POS. If you are looking for a good series take a look at the Troy Games by Sara Douglas
Jamila Huseynova Well people are reading it and it has 4 stars. Unfortunately, someone finds it interesting.
Kissie RT @ the inner goddess thing
that made me cringe like messss
Cindy Jackson I agree. I love to read and I can usually read anything, but i struggled to read the first few chapters of this book. I could not bring myself to complete reading this book. It's too bad people are attracted to this crap, when there are so many good books out there to read.
Mea Obviously, the publishers loved it enough to publish and didn't think that it was JUST about sex. There is way more to it then just sex, if you has continued to read all the way through....you would understand that. The genre of this book is, EROTIC ROMANCE, so what the hell did you expect? Of course there is going to be sex, I mean yeah the stuff that Christian is into is kinky I will admit that, but if you don't like books like that then don't waist your time trying to read it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, mine is that this book was very well written. The detail is amazing and I would like to personally say i'm glad that the author put his time and effort into writing this book, because it's completely astonishing. This book had me on the edge of my damn seat and it was so hard to put it down.
Natalie its called erotic fiction for a reason....
Alayna jayawardhana the publishers would't have printed this book if this was JUST garbage. it might have some erotic sex scenes. but what did you expect? the category is EROTIC ROMANCE. so if you don't like it, don't read it. and on what basis do you count this book as a DISGRACE?
Nikki How could you write that... you have no imagination.. you are trash.
Jarreau i Agree only got to page 44 im still Asking myself Why did pay 15.95 for this book ?? this is terrible Love Story book is really do not Expect Nicholas Spark kind of book i read twilight i love those books i heard this book good because movie was coming out i decide to read it well in my opinion this book is Poison For the Brain !!! i don't recommend this book at all and make it worst how hell Did Barnes And Noble was allowed place this in Teen selection ?????????????????
Laura Fox Because money.
Cheryl Because sex sells. And housewives with a kinky side who will never act on those inner desires can suffer through abysmal writing; I could do better after a bottle of wine and Skinimax as my muse. I would throat punch her "inner goddess" in between the "apex of her thighs" until it was truly "fifty shades of f@@@ed up".

At some point I just started using my own vocabulary to just get through it. (I'm hardwired that I cannot simply stop reading a terrible book or watching a horrible movie.) I read it at the beach so I didn't beat myself to death with my Kindle.
Lori I'm writing a blog poking a bit of fun of the book. Check it out at www.fiftyshadesofrey.org

I thought it would be fun to come up with realistic men a girl might meant. I've also looked at the diversity of human sexuality and relationships, and tried to make a few serious points about money and how it can affect egos and relationships.
Shameen moodley book was mediocre; movie was worse than worse :)
Patrice Serrette Oh behave. I stopped reading so called "adult books" a long time ago because of just this. We want to live life vicariously through others and reading about other people having exciting sex is what the masses want. So much easier than having to actually come up with a plot. At least with young adult books, they are forced to actually develop a story and cannot resort to sex as 3/4 of the book!
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