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i ve got couple of questions. in the training scene when katniss was talking to beete he told the other woman of the same district that he sees sth like a glass beside plutarch to separate tributes from them and katniss told them that she shot the apple in the first hunger games so they laughed ,, what did beete mean ?? katniss loved peeta in that book or she was acting also ???

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Madi Betee meant that he could see a glimmer of light next to Plutarch, which Is an indication that there is a force field around the Gamemakers. Katniss explained why it was there by saying that she shot at an apple that was near them in the last Hunger Games.

I think that because Katniss knows that she did not convince Snow that she was in love with Peeta, she felt like she could be herself, and she knew that there could be an uprising. She and Peeta had gone through so much together that she had begun to care for him. So to answer your question, no, I think it was real.
Julia @Youmna: I agree with Madi's answer regarding the training scene and the force field protecting the Gamemakers. In the first book, I think Katniss is confused in her emotions, after all, she is only 16, is it Love she feels for Gale? Does she even want to face her emotions until Peeta enters the scene? Peeta's announcement comes as a shock, the whole things seems to be very unclear for her, which makes it more interesting for us! But she definitely has put up an act for the President... at least up to a point.
Nikkie Cargill What happened to Cinna?
Why did Snows drink turn red?
Why does President Snow come to Katniss home?
Alexis First part: Well Beetee and Wireress were super smart and Katniss didn't really know what they were talking about. SO they just laughed because katniss didn't know what they were talking about so they laughed
Second part: When Peeta almost died she found out that she really loved him. She kinda knew before that but at that point, she finally realized that she couldn't live without him and really loved him.
Paige Campbell Katniss did love Peeta to a certain degree. Yes, in the first book she was acting for most of it, Haymitch's suggestion but when she really realizes her feelings, it's not "expressed because she still needs to put on a show in order to try and stay alive. I think that she doesn't really want to think about loving him for real. But it wasn't an act...
Amelia Eve To anwser you second question Katniss was acting I think in the first book but then she relized something else that she wanted so when Snow asked her to canncel any douts about being in love with Peeta she did and in book three that was when she relized Snow was using Peeta to break like Prim said. I don't think she was acting in book 2 and 3
Linapama you could have just used the dictionary or searched the internet but besides that, your answers are down there..... :/
Mellissa i agree with madi also yes after katniss realized she liked him, she wasnt faking it, she just didnt want to take away his chance with a girl better than her.
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