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Which film adaptation of Carrie do you most think is like the book? Although none can compare in my opinion

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Samuel Jota Wow, it's amazing how 90% of the people here apparently didn't even read the question and are just stating which movie is their favorite.
Jorge J Ocampo Unpopular opinion, there is a 2002 made for TV movie adaptation of Carrie starring Angela Bettis. It has cheesy dialogue and all the effects that come with a TV movie, but Bettis was phenomenal as Carrie. the 1976 is the best movie adaptation, but Angela Bettis played a better Carrie White. But the book was better in the end!
Cracker Jill the first one. the new one is kinda off
Lloyd Andrew Green The new film with Chloe was closer to the book but I hated the unnecessary ending of that movie. There was "sequel" written all over it and that spoiled it for me.
The Sissy Spacek version will always be my favorite. I feel it best captured Carrie's desperation to be accepted. It's one of my favorite horror movies. I agree with Eelaynuh that the ending of the book was more intense than either film.
I caught the 2012 off-Broadway production of Carrie in the village (not the 1988 trash that failed). It was actually pretty good but it followed the 1976 screen version more than the book.
Elaina I actually thought the new movie was more accurate to the book. It added some modern touches, but particularly the ending was much more like the book. And the bit about her mother being a seamstress and all that. Both left a lot out in terms of Carrie's childhood and family history and I like that the book often took the form of looking at after-the-fact reports on telekinesis. But the ending in the book was a lot more intense and drawn out than either movie depicted.
Erin *Proud Book Hoarder* The original by Brian DePalma definitely. Didn't like the remakes.
Julie Kubica The original! (1976)
eeee brian depalmas version is way better the one with sissy .
Francesca Personally, I loved both but for different reasons. I thought the first one focused solely on the horror aspects of the story which worked very well and made that film as scary and good as it is but I slightly prefer the newer one as I felt it was closer to the novel. It had more of the same tone to it and it showed the emotion from all the characters. It was closer in terms of storyline and it even showed some exploration of the other characters like the novel does but the original film was slightly lacking in that department. Neither were as good as the book but I thought the newer movie was closer to it than the original.
Marisa Thoman Both films were great but I have to go with the new one...
Obviously they changed it to make it more modern but I feel like the technology used in 2013 adds that extra unf
Neither are as good as the book of course
Elke Koepping Brian de Palma. Nothing can get any better. Creepy end...
Abby I loved both versions.

The 2013 version added a few touches that I really liked, I think Chloe did a really great job of getting across that subtle undercurrent of anger that I remember from the novel.
Tahieuba Latif I liked both mainstream film versions. the old one had an air of eerieness and the new one for the way it was set up, working with modern times.
B The first one movie but I have heard the off-broadway musical is very close to the book.
Audrey the first one...the first ones are always better!
❥~Bonnie Knox~❥ The 1976 adaptation follows the book the best.
Mrhmud Carrie 2002, the TV movie. I think it included the most things from the book. It's the worst out of all three, but it is the most book accurate.
Jessie Corbett-Renfro I personally like the made for TV 2002 remake best. The ending is very different though but only because that remake was originally made to be the start to a TV show that never ended up being made.
Eve The first one definitely! And the actress they chose was the only one who could exemplify Carrie in my eyes, beautiful in her own right and to the reader, but looked down upon by peers because of social beauty hierarchy's.
Koray There are 3 versions of this story
1976 Sissy Spacek
2002 Angela Bettis
2013 Chloe Moretz

I would say the first version is the most like the book.

The second one has more these "interview" scenes in it but the ending was completely different

The 2013 version is again closer to the book; very modern and more for the Generation Instagram
Chris Haughton I thought the new movie was more faithful to the Carrie character. You could see the anger in her, Sissy Spacek was phenomenal ass well but she had more of a shocked and get me out of here look. The new one is where she went right after Chris and Billy and they didn't just burn they felt pain. I go with the new one still love both.
Karen Downes Re-reading this book (again), definitely the first one, with Sissy Spacek. Paying closer attention to the character descriptions in the book, the casting was spot on.
Kolby MacLennan 2013 is closer to the novel.
Steven Swaney Ok so I have no favourites. Both films are great. If we was talking about Directing, Writing, acting and production. Sure the original maybe slightly better in my opinion. The the remake was NO WHERE near a bad film and I loved Chloe. But we are not talking about what film was better or worse in opinions. We talking about closer to the book yes? Both has it's goods... But remake is closer to the book in my opinion.
Patrick Leahy The first one has John Travolta. Accurate or not that automatically makes it perfect.
Elizabeth While the 2013 version isn't bad, the original is creepier and a lot better in my opinion.
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