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I'm slightly very nervous that the audiobook version is narrated by Patrick, himself... I'm remotely annoyed that he's working to make the other books great and writing this sort of thing in the mean time but isn't narration a really slow process? Also, Rupart Degas who did the other books is basically a bit of genius at it Sorry, I know this is slightly indirect but sometimes audiobooks are the only option

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Connie Rea Degas does the UK edition....Podehl does the US edition....both are excellent....as I am sure Rothfuss will be....

People need to seriously stop trying to dictate what an author chooses to do or not do...if he wants to go back and narrate the two past books before finishing the third it's his prerogative...if he decides to never finish the third book, again...his prerogative....it will be finished when he's ready to finish it...and really, I would hate to read the book that he was forced to write instead of the one he was pleased to write....
Caroline It was fantastic. I just finished listening to it.

Was it as professionally done as Nick Podehl could have? No, perhaps not.

Did having Patrick Rothfuss narrate add something that no professional could? Most definitely. More than yes.
Lizzy Interesting, my audiobooks are narrated by Nick Podehl. He does an amazing job and I've actually purchased other audiobooks simply because he is the narrator. Though, from the way people talk about Rupart Degas and if they were available on Audible, I'd probably purchase NotW and WMF again just to hear Degas read these fantastic books.
Cj Neil Gaiman has a great quote about someone complaining on George RR Martin taking too long to write his books: "George RR Martin is not your bitch."

Without sounding rude, just rephrasing Gaiman: Patrick Rothfuss is not your bitch. The next book will come out when it is ready to be published, no sooner. The author should write and publish what they want how they want, they owe us nothing. If a reader does not like that then do not buy their books.

PS Nick Podehl narrates the other books, if the author believes he can narrate this than who cares? After all, he is the one telling you the story to begin with.
Pride I personally liked Nick Podehl's narration. Maybe Pat narrating it means something.A nod to it's foreshadowed complexity? The man wrote it. He can add more punctuation to it then any other narrator. We will not only be getting a book from his mind but a book read as it was meant to be read. Pauses where they were meant to be. Subtle notes of pace and fluidity that only the creator himself would know to do. This is a great thing he is doing if you ask me. There is no one better to read these books then he. A man needs to be more then a work horse. James i understand you want book 3 asap. But let Pat do things as he does. 2 great books have proved it is well worth it.
Joshua Lense Huh, the audiobook versions of NotW and WMF that I listened to were narrated by Nick Podehl. They were excellently done, although at first I wasn't sure I liked Nick's voice, but after a few hours I wanted no one else to voice Kvothe and Bast.

I'm interested in hearing Rothfuss read his own work, but I agree that I'd rather him spend his time writing more.
Marco Batistutti Rupert Degas is a genius.
Adam Other than a fact that a writer should write what their muse tells them, NOT what the public demands, and the public should not be demanding...

I heard an interview with an Audible narrator. He said it takes typically twice as long to narrate a book than it does to read the whole book out loud. So unless it is a huge tome, we are talking a week or so (the Particular narrator was fast... more like 3 days...) Now if he is ALSO doing the production, that is more time, but that is most often a producer, not the narrator. So it will not delay whatever you are demanding he write instead more than about a week.
Michael I believe that Rothfuss actually did a really great job with the narrating and it fit the story really well. His love of the character really shines through.
Jason Kasner the audio book was terrific. couldn't have been better and I think that this particular story was one Patrick himself had to read. His love of the character shines through.
Laura Lewis I can honestly say, after listening in on my husband listening to the audio book, that Rothfuss did a brilliant job narrating it. The only real beef anyone might have is that Degas has a different pronunciation for Aurie's name. Otherwise, it's pure gold.
Bo Zhang I have just done listening to the Audible version and it is great. I also wouldn't worry about the resource this project took away from him. The book is only about 3 and half hour long.
Andrea Roenning I was pleased to hear Pat's voice when I popped the earbuds in my ears and started this book. Sure, Nick Podehl is a rockstar -- but Rothfuss knows his world inside and out and this story truly colors this world. There isn't a need for voice acting with accents here and he does a good job of the read.

As far as the "Why isn't he just writing the third Kingkiller book already" problem?


Good things come to those who wait.
Heather I purchased the audio book, probably stupidly without listening to the sample. But with Audible you can return books if you really hate it. I, also, had Podehl as narrator for the previous books.

Neil Gaiman comes to mind as an author who does a fabulous job with narrating his own books.
Sixten Linusson I believe that Rothfuss actually did a really great job with the narrating and it fit the story quite well.
Victoria If you go to his blog, you get a sample of him reading:

Pablo Vacatello Here I am, bringing info to all who need it!
For those who don't know where this tidbit came from, Rothfuss himself posted it in his blog:
He also clarified that it's a one book only deal in the comments, i.e. Podehl will still narrate DoS.
Clifton Mitchell There is now an example snippet of Pat's narration on his blog. I am very particular about the narrators I listen to and from what I heard, it sounds like he's done a fantastic job.
Leo Can someone provide a link to this info to confirm it? Nick Podehl was amazing (frankly he made WMF less infuriating than it would have otherwise been).

Perhaps the choice to use Pat is because of the first person narrative aspect of these books. Nick's voice is Kvothe's voice. Still I don't like the change.
Marko Hm, I listen to a _lot_ of audiobooks, and the ones by Nick Podehl I couldn't bear to listen after the first 10 minutes. His rythm and the way he emphasizes words irritate me to no end. So I welcome anyone else who wants to give it a try.
Tulika Haha I hear you. I can't wait for the third installment myself. Also I didn't know about this so thanks. I'll try listening to the audiobook now. It might bot be good but it's something I can't ignore :D
James I didn't realise there to different narrators. I'm sure there are lots of boring reasons why, some chap on Reddit had the same discovery. Podehl doing Notw in 2009, Degas in 2012.


I can't speak to Podehl but Degas is excellent (as an aside, he's also great on Retribution Falls).

Perhaps Pat is too much of a nice guy and can't choose between them to disappoint the other... :)
Josh Brown Not sure where you got this idea, but industry standard is to almost never let a fiction author narrate his/her own audiobook. The only exception I can think of off-hand is a couple of Mark Billingham's Tom Thorne audiobooks. But Billingham is a trained actor and stand-up comedian.
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