Brett asked:

Did anyone else not really like this book? I felt like there were too many plot twists and red herrings.

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Rich Uncle Pennybags I can't really see why you'd pick up a Golden Age detective novel if you don't want plot twists and red herrings. That's the whole point of the genre.
Nirav The best thing about it was that it kept me engaged and I kept guessing who the killer might be. If you look at how you felt while reading it, the brilliance of it may occur to you. Sure Agatha Christie didn't go very deep into the facts about how every murder was so conveniently possible, but that is her style of writing. I don't think she goes into the depth of "how" the crime was committed in any of her books. The plot itself is so engaging that one shouldn't bother about how exactly a crime was possible. As for the end, did anyone guess it? She makes it very clear numerous times in the book that nobody is hiding on the island which leaves us guessing for the killer amongst very few people actually.
a. You're the only one. :)

I liked it for the same reasons that you didn't. It's one of my most favorite books of all time.
Sanchita Shankar If there weren't plots it would be a really boring book. The many plots in it just make the book an amazing suspense
Midnight Anderson i liked the book and the twists kept me interested and guessing whom was the murderer. Its the ending that I felt was a bit too much for myself...the story, the epilogue, AND the murderer's manuscript. nice way to wrap up the story but it took ALL the mystery out of the mystery and my initial response to the ending was dull and numb by the manuscript
Tomi I agree 100%. I didn't like it 15 years ago and I think my opinion hasn't changed - the book is one of the seriously overrated classics like The Catcher in the Rye etc. boring books. The plot was interesting but all too chaotic and obscure in this Christie's book. The book should have been seriously edited and revised before publishing. This was my first Agatha Christie, maybe I try some of the other works in the future.
Katie Fields That is what I liked most about the book! The fact that I could not guess who did it was the driving force behind me finishing the novel. I hate knowing the killer early in the novel, and I feel that I have no reason to read the book anymore after that! I loved watching the nursery rhyme unfold and seeing the symbolism of the killings and the themes unravel. Although I had several predictions as to who the killer was, I was completely off the mark. Christie did a great job at including gender roles which effected my perception of the killer.
Pako For me the plot twists were interesting and guessing who was the murderer was fun, but the behaviour/reasoning of the last 2 survivors was not realistic if you ask me. It was clear that the murderer wasn't one of them. The both could not have thrown the clock...
Addison Dixon If you're not fond of the "many plot twist" stories, you might like the Father Brown books. It's a detective series and is really good. :) I would also recommend the Peter Wimsey series, which is also detective, but very entertaining and wholesome--as is Father Brown.
Vi I tried to keep a Clue Matrix in my head while reading - to no avail. Hard to identify with the characters (to say more would be to spoil the plot).
This is one time I wished I had watched the DVD instead of reading the book.
Vaishnavi Ghatge To be honest this was the level worst of agatha
Jim I'm in the not like camp. Most of the "twists" at the end couldn't possibly have been part of a sentient, plotted, murder campaign. Think about the "bear hug" murder in your mind as it was revealed. Now imagine you're the murderer and that's part of your plan... yeah, right.

Great concept, I can see why it was so liked until we got down to four. Then it simply makes no sense whatsoever. Not as it happened, but to suggest someone planned it that way.

I wanted to think the red herring was clever, but it really wasn't.
Makenzie Grosee I think the plot twists and red hearings were my favorite part about the book. However, I also didn't enjoy it because there was no great "Who Done-It", this kind of disappointed me.
elise rose I loved it for exactly those reasons. :)
Ken Of course it was never titled "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie. It was never printed in the US under its real title.

It was and is an excellent novel, and it is quite amusing how those, close to eighty years later and from a quite different culture, geography and age, often don't get it.

As has already been stated, if you don't like what is now often termed the Golden Age of detective novels you're reading the wrong genre.
Christina I thought it was predictable in a lot of ways. And I don't care for her writing style.
Kiran Kr i liked the book...but i thing that the ending is not a proper..
Anna Well, it was interesting book. I think "Devil" is made based on it. xD
Roshanak yes i read it . and trully i don't like it so much like other stories of aghata. but its a complete detective novel that you can't guess who is the murderer.
Dreamcatcher I think that is kind of the part that makes this book great. It is a murder mystery book, there is supposed to be red herrings. The constant need to find the murder and trying to find clues kept me reading. Otherwise without red herrings it would have been way to obvious who the murdered is.
Kathan Prajapati It is a unique crime novel with a touch of psychological horror to it. Its intricacy and bizzare ending is what makes it a good read. And besides, a mystery novel must have plot twists to make it intresting.
Nivi That's what you DIDN'T like? In my opinion, that's what made this book so amazing!
Arnold Kanarek It is a classic. The style is dated so you have to read it with that perspective.
Jacquelin Korman I loved this book but it's alright if you don't. I can see where you're coming from.
Ismaeel Would anyone really enjoy this book if there weren't many plot twists and red herrings? I can understand if you're saying you had trouble understanding the ending, but I felt it was pretty easy to grasp.
Klah I loved this book and I was not able to guess who it was. It was one of my favourite Agatha Christie book!
Mary My favourite Agatha Christie novel.
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