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Ok, I would like to read this book, but I want to know if it's in old English? I will read it either way, but before I start I'd just like a heads up.

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Alison Killilea It's a very easy read, although an obvious Victorian era voice, I think. Old English is from before the 11th century, so it's definitely not that!
Huda Aweys yes it's in old English
Pedro Santana He's a modernist!
A.M. Not old English like Chaucer - it is written in 1898 or so. Check some of the quotes down on the right hand side of the page. If you understand those, you should be able to read it. You can also download the ebook for free from this page, so it won't cost you anything to try. Happy reading!
Marie (UK) I found this extremely difficult to read. It is drowning in detail and although it is not old English it was hard work
Baheya Zeitoun It isn't in Old English. It's a pretty quick read.
Luis Lozano I'm reading it on in an electronic format for kindle's app in my cell phone. And the functionality of the dictionary make me understand a lot of old vocabulary.
Virag Padalkar The English is natty. Not tedious or archaic at all.
Moonbear The only word which is kinda old is 'hitherto'. And Wells uses it like five times or so in the book. The rest is pretty easy to read, the whole book is one weekend read actually.
Reading unicorn this book is very simple to read however it is not in old english . people who are not fluent would not be able to read this book as it is a little bit challenging
Timothy Morrison it is in Edwardian english
C.T. late 19th, early 20th-century English setting to start, but language is very readable for the whole thing
Mia Akins Very much old English.
Foreign Grid Old English like Beowulf?
Hank Ko Nope, I found it straightforward and easy to read.
Gail Gibbs I've just finished an audio version, and recommend doing that if you find the language confusing or too "Old English"-y. A good reader can bring emotion and meaning to archaic phrases and literary expressions, making the whole story easier to understand and more enjoyable.
Erik Holsbeek The book was written in 1895, so a lot of the expressions used will be quite alien to contemporary readers. If English is not your mother tongue (my case), there will be quite some words you'll have to look up in a dictionary, but not doing so would not stop you from following the story.
I highly recommend to buy a version of the book that has an appendix that explains a lot of the used expressions (example: ISBN 9-780141-439976).
Nurdan Murcell Well then that works in my favor..... I really want to read Time machine,
Especially,when written by H.G Wells
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