Samantha asked:

Should I read this book before the movie?

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Zedsdead I think so. The book does a far better job conveying characters' motives. Without being able to fill in the gaps, I'd have thought the movie was dumb instead of just over-condensed.
Karen I just started reading this, and it's good to see such favorable reviews! Looking forward to the movie! Btw, If you haven't read Hill's "Heart Shaped Box," I highly recommend it.
Ruth Klassert Yes, a million times yes. The pacing of the book will annoy you if you watch the movie first. page 80- the movie was starting to end. obviously, the book had a bit of a ways to go yet. I almost couldn't finish it bc of that, but in the end, glad I did.
Jahir of course, the book is 1000 times better
Camila Caporar I think you should, but the movie seems to be very different from the book, in the trailer there's lots of scenes that did not happen in the book, so both will be fun in their own way I guess.
David Having not read the book yet, when there is a movie tie in to a book, I'd recommended the book first first. Books are almost always better then the books, and I don't like having books ruined for me.

I watched the movie the same day I finished the book and they ruined it. They took all the heart and soul out of the book. Just about everything I loved about the book was gone.
Elizabeth It's a great book so much better than the movie. I read the book well over a year ago and just saw the movie...I was so disappointed with Daniel Radcliffe's performance that I was sorry I watched it!
Barb yes!!! I always like to read the books before the movies.
Evan Lien I watched the movie before I read the book. It didn't make the book any less brilliant - it just gave me some extra quality time with my favourite characters.
Yogini Jhingan absolutely!!! This book blew my mind.
sheila collins Always read the book first.
Deojoneice James I think you should because I made the mistake of watching the movie first, never again.
Deojoneice James I think you should because I made the mistake of watching the movie first, never again.
Jennifer Don't bother with the movie; Zero characterization, shallow plot, plodding pace. completely meh.
Ash If there is ever a chance where you could watch the movie before reading the book; please do so. Otherwise you find yourself criticizing a good movie many many many people worked hard on to accomplish and finish.
That being by said, the movie and book are two completely different things. Similar characters and specific actions that happened in the book are accurately portrayed in the movie, but so many things are different that I don't feel right comparing the two.
Just watch the movie, then the book. Yes, the movie IS based off of the book, but the people who produced the movie did what they could with the materials given to them to actually make it a movie ... if it was exact to the book, I'd probably find myself a little (very) bored watching a 16 hour long movie.
Becky Yes. Yes. Yes. Very much so, yes.
kryppticbooks Definitely! That's what I just did :)
Katrina Definitely! Movies rarely do the books justice.
Fotis Kypraios Oooh yeaah! :D It's awesome!!
Nada Adel Yes, definitely.
A yes,you's amazing.
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