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So I have to ask those who have read this installement... What are your thoughts on the ending???? Please someone discuss with me... Im going crazy over it!!!

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EJ MACK The ending makes me want her home number to ask her "why are you trying to kill me?"
Jay Jessmer Damn.....I want the next book NOW!!!!! The first half of the book sort of plodded along for me, then it gained it's legs. The last 3 chapters were fantastic and the ending pretty much left me wide-eyed. I swear, Robards had me standing right there at that grave with Charlie.
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E There must be more coming - there's too many unresolved issues. Michael insisted in previous books that he wasn't the serial killer, and of course we all know he wasn't because we "know" him (LOL), and then he and Charlie must have their moment to sincerely acknowledge their mutual feelings. But as Tam said, dead is dead and there's no changing that. Can his spirit occupy another body without bad things happening? Or will the spirit world somehow give him a way out since he saved so many people (Tony, Tam, Charlie)? I've never had much interest (and still don't) in ghost stories or thoughts of a spirit world, etc, but love Karen Robard's books so am sticking with this series. Poor Tony. I hope KR uses him in his own story.
willaful It makes me want to punch something.
Andrea I am not surprised. She had to do something like this or kill Charlie off. With the title I was actually kind of expecting that to happen and that it would be a trilogy instead of an ongoing series. I think the man at the grave is going to be a long lost brother? I will certainly be waiting impatiently for the next book that's for sure.
Amanda Short Argh!!!!! I just finished this!!! I very much agree with Vicki below that I think the man at the grave is of relation... A twin perhaps?? Helping explain the DNA from the murders that appeared to be Michael's. Michael has certainly seemed to redeem himself for whatever got him sent to spooksville by saving Charlie on many occasions as well as Tony, Gisele, and Tam.
I don't think she would spend so much time setting up Michaels background and possible innocence in the serial murders to just leave us hanging!!! I feel the next book has to give us some kind of closure to Michael and Charlie's relationship, Michael 's guilt or innocence, and of course if Tony's team will need Charlie again!
Sue I was ok with the ending, but hope we don't have to wait to long to find out what happens next!! I am wondering if Charlie is really gone for good and who this mysterious guy is! Somehow I want it to work out, lol!! I just finished the book. I am so upset with the ending. It has left me so frustrated and angry. Is their going to be a 4th?
Chris L.
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Lucy The ending made me want to throw the book at the wall, talk about a cliff hanger. How long do I need to wait until the next book comes out?
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Dawn Thanks to Shay for starting this thread. I have enjoyed reading all the comments and am going to throw in my 2 cents worth.
I have finished the book a few days ago and have been thinking about all kinds of possibilities for the next book. Of course, there has to be a long-lost family member. Brother? Twin? Maybe a dad?
I think the "last whisper" will have a major impact on the book and will be what brings Garland back. Because, of course, he has to come back!
Will Michael the ghost do enough good deeds to come back in human form? Will Tony turn out to be a bad guy? Something about him sets off my ooookkk factor. I don't know what it is. Maybe he is too perfect?
Only a year before we get some more answers! Not too long, is it?
I, Spy, Books
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Becca Johnson
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