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Just to clarify: What were were those 3 words written on postcard..

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Marina The Spanish translation actually says there were two words... And "I love you" has two words in Spanish ("te quiero").

Just my two (or three xD) cents.
Raven Eaton It was most likely 'i love you' as throughout the whole novel she had never said it back to him, whenever Park expressed his love. I think that she is slowly being healed from her emotional scars, therefore, she is much more confident and it is easier for her to express her feelings towards Park
Ria Olivar I've read other people's answers as well as read various Rainbow Rowell interviews for a reference of what really is the 3-words according to the author herself... This will be long, I'm sorry and I hope I get my point across... As per some people here who have read the non-english version (I read that in spanish and czech, there are only 2 words in the postcard), their guess is probably "I love you" because they said in those versions there is only 2 words and "I love you" is only 2 words in their languages... Rainbow Rowell confirmed that the words are happy and hopeful based on Park's reaction (he smiled. something heavy and winged took off from his chest)... And as obsessive as I could, I tried translating "I Love You", "I miss you", "See you soon", "Nothing Ever Ends", "Please just stop", "Leave me alone", "Stupid Asian kid" in both Czech and Spanish... only the words "I love you" came up as two-words in those languages... So the possibility of the words on the postcard being "I Love You" is very high...
Suzanne I know for sure that the words are 'I love you' for one reason.
In Dutch, 'I love you.' is 'Ik hou van jou.' So that's four words. I read the book in Dutch, and in this translation, the last sentence is:
'Met vier korte woordjes.' In English this means: 'With four short words.'
In the English version there are only three words on the card. So it only makes sense that it is 'I love you'

It wasn't I Love You, click on the link to see what the three words REALLY were.... he he he :)
Emily Nielson The hopeful idealist in me wants so badly to believe the words were "I love you" and I think there might be proof...

When Rainbow Rowell signs the book, she draws a heart around the & sign, so that it reads "Eleanor loves Park".

View it here:
prinsesajessica i just guess....

'just stop it'
Vanisha I think they are " We are forever" ( according to english book 3 words) it translates to Dutch as "Wij zijn door altijd"( according to the dutch translation 4 words) and to Spanish as "Ni ĉiam" ( according to the Spanish translates 2 small words).
So I think its that.
Even though I'm replying after 2 yrs>_<
Rachel Lenga-Rouse I doubt that it was 'I Love You' as tthat wouldn't really make you happy, I think that would've made him sad, while something like 'Stupid Asian Kid' or another of their small, private jokes would've sufficed
Diana Camonias I was thinking of either 'I love you' or 'I miss you' or 'See you soon'. Not that it's impossible to be 'Just stop it' but... Rainbow left it on our on view. But yes, I knew it's I love you. Hihi
Brenda B Maybe in the Style of Gus and Hazel (from Fault in our Stars) she said "You I love."
Avery Marie It can be so many options even though its obvious (if you do some research or just think hard about it). Yes, the most obvious one that everybody guesses, is I love you. Maybe we are over thinking this. It probably is I love you. If you read it in other languages, the 'only had three letters' thing changed into a different number, all matching up to I love you in that language.
Mackenzie The Great It's not meant to be answered.
Rainbow Rowell purposely left the ending open, so that you'll never really know.
But one thing that is almost certain is that those three words made Park hopeful.
“He sat up. He smiled. Something heavy and winged took off from his chest."
If that's not hope, I don't know what is.
Julia I really hope it's "stupid asian kid" but, if I remember correctly, she never actually says that to his face... but I could very well be wrong.
Baillie It's probably not "I love you" because Rainbow has only told ONE person what was on the postcard and she said the reaction was: "oh, okay. I guess that's something she would have said."

So keep guessing guys. That reaction the one person gave to Rainbow damned the rest of us to never know for sure!
Jessa I read an interview by the author, she said she did want to leave the ending open ended so that the reader's could decided.

My two guesses:

I love you

I miss you

Maiya Bucks I automatically thought they were "I love you." I never even questioned what they would be.. But I could be wrong. Interesting to see other peoples opinions.
Pat Edwards
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Lily I could of been "see you soon".
Pod I think the words were:
I love you
Annette I figured it was 'I love you"
Dinuka Kavinda "Nothing ever ends"
Michaëla Well I read an interview with rainbow rowell. She said she didn't know the 3 words herself, she leaves it to your own interpretation, I think it's I love you, but we will never know.
Aaron Gibson How is it not "I love you"??? It's thematic in the book that she never says it. I am disappointed with the apparent clever ambiguity in all of these YA writers. FINISH A BOOK! "It's up to the reader" feels like a pandering of accessibility to increase readership.
leayah In the back of my Eleanor and Park book, Rainbow Rowell says "I can't bring myself to confirm that interpretation." (talking about the theory that the three words are 'I love you') Personally, I don't believe 'I love you' are the three words. It's too expected.
Joana Lima Polo Te necesito.
Es mi sueño que diga eso.
Esmeralda is "I Love you" because i have read that book in albania language and Rowell say that are two words "Te dua"
Bella I automatically thought it was I miss you because of how often she said it to him but it could have just as easily been I love you because of what other responses have said about the translations of the last few sentences saying there were 2 or 4 words which would make it make sense that it was I love you.
Me-LovesBooks (Merel) The dutch had four short words: Ik hou van jou, maybe?
Mara Smile On the Romanian translation says there 3 words and i love you in Romanian is te iubesc....
Riya Gautam those three words written on the postcard were "i love you". the postcards was special for Park because it was the first postcard he got from Eleanor after sending tonnes of them and the thing which makes it even more special is that Eleanor had never said "i love you" to park but Park had said it many times to her.... :)
Maine I guess it's "I love you" or "Just stop it"
Victoria Kennedy I want to say it was 'I love you', but there are so many things she could have written: 'I miss you', 'I'm coming home', 'Please stop it', 'Come visit me'...
It could literally be anything, it is up to us to interpret what it could have been, and what we want it to be.
Lisa Maybe, I am okay?
Camillia (Twenty Three Pages) I think it was 'I love you'. But I also believe that Rainbow wanted to leave it up to the reader. If you look at the answers, you would see that everyone interpreted the ending differently. So I believe the ending was meant to be what you personally took away from the story
Rio Vienna It could be see you soon, just stop it or I love you. All of them have two words translation in Spanish.
Karl Petate i think I LOVE YOU but it must be from the author herself :)
Keithleen I miss you or I love you
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