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I was born in 1998 and made it this far without reading or watching harry potter. It is listed as ages 8-12 so I'm not feeling very enthusiastic. Would I be missing out if I skipped this series all together?

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Matthew Turner I was born in 1977 and missed them completely. Then I had kids. When my eldest was 7 years old I started reading them the first book at bedtime. Four years later I just finished the final book with them. It's been a four year bonding experience like no other. When we completed each book we'd watch the accompanying film and then start the next. It was amazing. I would STRONGLY recommend this for anyone who thinks they're too old to start them now. And --- BTW --- I loved every book just as much as my kids :)
Jo YES. I'm about to read it again and I've already read them twice in less than a year. They were written for anyone old enough and mature enough to read them, I know people who read them when they were much older than me.
Ruth Lym I am 71 years old and I absolutely ADORE this series. Maybe book one and 2 seem like children's books, but they get "darker" and more "adult" as you get farther into the series. The movies are very good, but the books are absolutely fabulous! I would read the books first and then go see the movies. (BTW, my adult daughter introduced me to the series!)
Dianne This is the best series you will ever read. Please take into consideration.
Jasmine That's the thing about Harry Potter,
it's for all ages! Harry Potter is the adventure of a lifetime.
You have not lived until you have read all 7 books.
I listened to book 4, 5 and 6 all day and night when I was ill in bed with flu, and read the final books when I was better.
It made me so happy when everything else was rubbish!
Elli Campbell YES, it would be horrible if you missed your chance to read such a amazing book!
Emma YES! I have already read most of them three times, even though I usually don't do rereading, and I think that you may not have a terrible life without reading it, but there is a reason for the fanmania, and trust me, ifyou are into fantasy, or reading at all, then this is a one-size-fits-all book. At least give it a try.
Connor M Heck to the yes!
Moonlight In 1999, I was on a trip to visit a college friend. We stopped in to a bookstore and she pulled Harry Potter 1-3 off the table and said: "She has three books on the NYT bestsellers list! You have to read these." So I bought them and took them with me while I continued my vacation. We were 40. The reason that the Harry Potter books are so popular is because they speak to universal themes of love, bigotry, courage, and morality in a charming and entertaining way. Yes, absolutely you would be missing out!
Jennifer Huffman I was born in 1980 which makes me 36 currently. I have seen all the movies in the theater and own most of them on Blu-ray except for the last couple that were released. This is one of my favorite series. As far as the books, I have only read the first one back about ten years ago. It was a great read. I want to now find the time to read the rest, or listen to the books on tape during my hour commute to and from work. Read and watch them!
Cian Dunlevy |Yes, you would, personally i am still quite young however i would still recommend it to all age groups.
Malou TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Harry Potter series has taught me more about friendship and love than 7 years of school has. Don't judge a book by its age suggestion.
PlatypusPatronus Harry Potter is the best book series ever. I didn't read it right away either and I deeply regret that now. Read it. It'll make you laugh, it'll make you cry; it will give you a whole new world to live and adventure in (as well as tons of awesome friends!). Trust me, reading Harry Potter is one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
Mags I didn't read it until I was around 21 or 22. Growing up with the books during its publication felt like I missed a lot. I've already read a lot of books at that point, and a lot more thereafter, and there's still nothing else like it. Go for it!
Catherine yes all the way. these book are by far my favorite ive ever read. must read
Kahlia The Harry Potter started out as a children's series, so whatever you do, do not judge it on the 1st or 2nd book. Once you make it to the 5th book, you'll wonder how you could not read it for so long.
Also, don't feel spoilers will spoil the plot, I had a brother who was obsessed with Harry Potter, and read the books like instantaneously. He told me all the spoilers for the Half Blood Prince, such as who dies, who kills them, why, etc. but I still enjoyed this book as much as the others, except the order of the Phoenix, which is my absolute favourite. I cry every time I read it (even though I have read it like a million times and know the plot sequence extremely well). Give it ago, you won't regret it <3
A. B I was born in 1994 and have managed to do the same until recently.
I fell in love with the truths Rowling was able to convey in such a simple manner that children could understand. I fell in love with the morals and convictions of Harry Potter and Dumbledore, and since I share many of the same experiences with Harry and Hermione, I felt that this series was healing and reminding me that I was in the right and people like Draco and the ministry of magic are just fools governed by their fears.
Rowling is able to express truths about life in an extremely simple manner so that anyone can read and understand and enjoy the book. It is definitely worth a shot, you might fall in love with it ;)
ACleo I am a picky reader. But this series is out of the world! Missing it would be criminal! But it is not too late! Please do read the books!
Mohammad Yazdani please describe more.
Lilia L YES! you are never to old to explore the world of Harry Potter.
Alta I have read this series over 4 times and every time it just gets better. Closely competing with "The Fault in our Stars" I would say that these books are some of the best I've ever read. (and trust me, I have read a lot) because of this. I think that you should DEFINITELY give these books at least a chance
Alta I have read this series over 4 times and every time it just gets better. Closely competing with "The Fault in our Stars" I would say that these books are some of the best I've ever read. (and trust me, I have read a lot) because of this. I think that you should DEFINITELY give these books at least a chance
Peter Deeks I'm 60 and hadn't read them at all (seen the movies) - too many other books to read first. Someone said, I can't recall who at the moment, that if as an adult you can't read and enjoy a children's book, it probably wasn't a very good children's book. I've just started on the Philosopher's Stone, so it's never too late. Read it if you haven't, you're never to old to read anything. And, probably like a lot of people who use this site, Winnie the Pooh is one of my favourite books.

As someone else pointed out, the books grow up along with the characters.
Wyatt joseph Bailey Yas. The harry potter siries is the best book siries ever! any ways if you didnt read the first 6 books the whole story doesnt make any sience.
Raonaq Islam I read each book 15 times. If they were not good, it would not be possible. It's just you think: this series should not be ended, and start reading it all over again.
By the way, I started reading them when I was 18, so, age seriously doesn't matter.
Bryson The Harry Potter series are made up of some great books. However, I personally do not find them to be particularly outstanding (of course, I am of a minority). I read all of them a couple summers ago to get a well-formed opinion on them, and my end decision was that they are good books. Not the spectacular amazement many people find them to be, but simply good books. There are some great characters, some wonderful plots, and some good writing. Overwall, J.K. Rowling is a wonderful story-teller. As the series goes, it does get darker and more serious in tone, so if you start reading and find the first one or two to be perhaps too "childish" then you may want to still continue. Anyways, hope that helps!
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