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How do you guys think the movie will compare to the book? Anybody seen it yet? I'm going to see it tomorrow.

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Josephine The magic gets lost in translation. - Richard Roeper
I thought the movie wasn't as good as the book. Although the visuals were great, the movie didn't go as deep as the book's thought-provoking ideas. I was also disappointed that there were many changes made in the movie.
Jocelin I just saw the movie and I thought that it was really good. It was very short, I wish there was more that they added from the book. Of course , the book was better. You could feel the coldness & the colorless aspect of this society in the book than in the movie. I felt it did capture the essence of the book
Emma I just saw it a few hours ago. Although the movie was good, I don't think the way the story was portrayed was well as it was in the book. There also could have been more development on the dystopian aspect in the movie.

Of course I think the book is better (like I do for most movies), though the movie was still entertaining.
OldE5 I saw the movie, and I saw an interview of Jeff Bridges, who had been trying for years to get the book made into a movie. He said that he was disappointed in the final script, but he’d lost control of the project. He knew they would have to make compromises, but there were too many compromises in the script that the producers would back financially. He was still optimistic and agreed to make the movie and play the Giver, but in the end it wasn’t near as good as the book, and he felt let down.
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Nabz28 Book to Movie trailer.

Just recently, I have watched the movie trailer for The Giver and I have to say, it doesn't look that bad. However, it does not look like what I've imagined in the book. One thing for sure is that since when did they have a plane-looking transportation? The book didn't mention anything. Even if they did, I hope the movie will explain why they can't go pass the wall. Plus, they had a plane but they're using bikes and scooters? Doesn't make sense to me. I guess it is always like that if a movie is made based on a book. IT WILL ALWAYS BE DIFFERENT.

To see Jonas in 'real life' though is tough. I can't tell whether he is really like the Jonas in the book. Moreover, the other characters seem legit. Hopefully, the movie won't end with a cliffhanger just like the book and that the director doesn't make the movie completely different. Love the book, not so sure about the movie yet but can't wait to watch it!
CIVILian I saw it, it was a good movie. They mess up a couple things. what bothered me was how they messed up Fiona and Asher's jobs. Also; they had 150 people each year rather than fifty. (they messed up Jonas's number, they put him as 52 rather than 19) Those types of detail's bother me BUT... they did follow the plot (except for the whole Fiona Asher thing) way more than some other movies.
Zaineb Mohamed The book will always be better than the movie.
Bodhi In the book, Jonas has basically one real relationship: the Giver. In the movie he has a strong relationship with his girlfriend and his best buddy. The other expanded character, and a sensible new role, is the head council elder. This was necessary to personify the authoritarian rule of society and debate the Giver at the end.
Ellie Sutliff The movie was awful. There is very little things in common with the book.
Ex: instead of getting jobs at 12 they get them at 18. Fiona gets nurturer instead of caretaker of the old and Asher gets drone pilot. Fiona and Jonas are in love and kiss.
GenjiHere I saw the movie. The movie is good, but I would say that the movie is loosely based on the book such as Frozen and the Ice Queen. The movie doesn't even give Asher and Fiona the CORRECT ASSIGNMENTS!
Robbiejackson I have seen the movie and i have read the book. And i loved both but the movie was not the same as the book. One of my favorite things about the book is how detailed it was unlike the movie. The book explained a lot of thing they did and in the movie they didn't do all the things they do in the book. Anther thing that i loved about the book is they also didn't use color and they talk in 3rd person with was a little confusing but after a while i started to like it.
Silvana Movie is 100 times better, the movie added more romance, and it was more in depth somehow, i know that doesn't make sense, but it's true
Cindy McFadden The book was definitely better. The movie wasn't able to capture the details that the book could. The book was able to put in the emotions and feelings that I think the movie lacked.
Nicole i just saw the movie an it was really good .
Beyza Dont do it. I was so dissapointed. It didnt do justice at all. It is good entertainment for people who havent read the book but it was not a well-done adaptation imo.
Stella The book was better, and had a more rich and deep story to it. I feel like in the movie, they focused a little bit too much on the visuals, putting aside the wonderful plot presented in the book. Of course as movies always do, they added way more romance than even necessary. I feel like this romance took away the spotlight of the actual story. I was expecting this but I still feel a little disapointed with it.
Agatha Ive seen the movie and I was surprised with the changes they made. such as the age difference and time difference. but besides that the movie is actually really good.
Agatha Ive seen the movie and I was surprised with the changes they made. such as the age difference and time difference. but besides that the movie is actually really good.
Anastasija Gorlanova The movie itself was pretty Good however I think it lost the wow factor and imagination we get from the book.
Fereshteh Tajnia I am currently reading the book, and I was thinking why there is no movie based on this novel while it has really potential of being a good movie! And am happy to see your question and the answers! 🙂
I'm not a fan of novels this days but i know this novel has somthing to say so i am gonna watch the movie instead!
Lupa The movie sucked, it was missing pieces of the plot that felt important. The movie although had a good set for the book was like watching Alliegent. Those pieces of the book were just gone and it's mildly infuriating.
Savannah Grace I really liked the movie! I thought most of the changes they made didn’t harm the story at all. The visuals are absolutely stunning and the acting was very well done. They changed the main characters to get their jobs at 16 instead of 12 which I didn’t mind, they changed Fiona and Asher’s jobs which I didn’t really understand why, but it didn’t do damage so I don’t really mind. I think they did a fantastic job with keeping the essence of the book and did it justice.
Michaela T. I really liked the movie! It did add a lot of worldbuilding aspects that weren't in the book, but not necessarily in a bad or good way.
gracie mack I love the movie, but nothing compares to the book itself! I recomend reading the book, or even the quartet before watching the movie. It makes a lot more sense if you do that.
Isis Smith I really like the book better.
Ellen Redmond All four of the books were masterpieces of fantasy and disaster. But the movie is like a rusty car compared to a Tesla. The magic of the world you created in your mind looks as if it were destroyed and replaced with the movie's idea of it. In summary the movie is horrible compared to the books.
Felix Young I've watched the movie, but haven't read the book. Lots of people seem to be saying that the book is better than the movie. Why?
Travis Sinclair I thought the movie was horrible and completely misrepresented the book I read. However, that was before I knew there were sequels. Based on what little I've glanced at regarding the sequels, the movie probably does the book justice in THAT context. I, however, wish no sequels existed. The book was great on its own and to me the sequels ruined what made it special and brilliant by removing the ambiguity.
2022056WF In my opinion, the movie was awful! Even Jeff Bridges (who's the best and only good thing in the movie) said he was disappointed. The plot is lazy and confused, the acting (except for Jeff Bridges) is awful, the effects are alright, and the well developed characters of the book are replaced with cardboard popular teenage actor cutouts.
Ana I think the movie was good. It touched the book from another perspective and I would recommend it.
Matt Starck i thought the movie was awful personally especially after seeing the rotten tomatoes rating.
Bailey My class just got done reading this book, and we started watching the movie. DO NOT TRUST THE MOVIE AT ALL!! The movie is so different, there is basically nothing to compare really because SO much has changed!!
AKi14 They both are good.
Kathleen I loved the movie
Kenzie Schlitt haven't seen it yet but i am seeing it next week in school. I have been told there is some added parts that wasn't in the book.
Jackson G This is a very hard book to make into a movie, that being said I think they did a really good job with it. The books always going to be better, but it was good.
GoMiNam This is a movie and I believe that each character played each role was magnificit! I wish it was a little bit longer!
DailyKaffee I knew of the novel from friends who had read it in class many years ago, but only picked it up to read it myself after recognizing the movie plot as I was watching it. I liked both a lot - the book is deeper and the medium is used very well in ways that a movie cannot provide, but I actually do appreciate some of the changes done in the film. Asher and Fiona do not suddenly become completely irrelevant, for example (changing their jobs was quite smart), and we see more of the society even at the end of the movie. Others, I regard as necessary adaptations to movies of our time (such as aging the protagonist) that did not bother me. Yet, the movie takes a lot of liberty in general and some things were just not necessary or pretty senseless (such as having a real life hologram of Rosemary - what was up with that?). I also don't know why the heck the community leader appears as a hologram to supposedly SEVERAL communities and then addresses the individual ceremony candidates of the one society we are watching by name. Slip ups like that irk me.
tl;dr - The movie removed some things I disliked in the book, but added others instead. I am neutral on better or worse.
Grace I feel like the book had so many aspects that a movie could never portray and some things were downright incorrect. Jonas is only 12 in the book, yet he is, what, 16/17 in the film? Another thing is that Jonas had affectionate feelings for Fiona, but he never dated her, he just had those feeling because he was growing up. The community that Jonas lived in was up to our own imaginations; it could have been enclosed (because of the weather control) or it could have been fenced off, anything really, but the movie took that away. The mark on Gabe and Jonas's wrist wasn't what was in the book either, it was the light eyes that the Giver, Gabe, and Jonas all shared. Now I know that changing eye colour for every person in the film would've been hard, but it still was not what was in the book. The whole plot is slightly shifted as well.
shelsel.lh The movie was good. I really like the final speech to stall the elders at the end. I wish Loris lowery could added in to book. The book should be taught at all schools. It's important for kids read and think deeply about it.
Jojo Personally, I believe the book is always better than the movie (also depends on movie). And this one follows that. The movie was great, but still, I like using my imagination in a book, and sometimes that depends on how much imagination you put into it. So really, mostly, it depends on how you read a book(in a way).
Both are great to read and see.
Katie I have not seen it but i have heard about it and some people think it is better but some people think it is worse so i really do not know what to expect?
Jonathan McElhatten I never saw it or read it, but I have a pretty good feeling that whoever adapted it into a movie wanted to cash in on the Hunger Games popularity. I don't mean to sound like a Debbie Downer, it's just a little difficult for me overlook the shallow intentions of Hollywood... =/
Rosanne I just saw the movie and it makes me want to start reading the whole series. I've read the book a few years ago, so I don't remember a lot of it, but I've cried when I saw the movie, to me it was very touching.
Steven Skabelund I actually liked the movie better, especially the ending.
Iris The book and the movie tell the same story but in slightly different ways. I thought the book was okay, and I thought the movie was okay in a different way. The book has some better or more intense (for want of a better word) thought processes in it. On the other hand the movie portrays some other things really well too. Like the spectrum of friendship or desire. But the book has the upper hand on innocence; something lost in the movie. Both are okay, and I actually think either will do to tell this story.
Shriya actually I felt the movie was better than the book ..... it made me feel more emotions and the actors and actresses looked like they weren't acting but actually in those situations! the book seemed to me to be a bit rushed and the movie seemed more in depth .....which is so weird because usually it is the other way around...the movie is rushed and too simple and the novel is in-depth etc .but this time the movie felt more detailed and well personally for me...just more entertaining
Victoria The movie was short, but very good, the only weird thing was seeing Taylor Swift play the role of Rosemary.
Elizabeth Wells I haven't actually seen the movie but i have seen the trailer... i don't think that it (THE TRAILER) looked much like the book even though i can't wait! I know i am in no position, as of yet, to say this but i think this movie is going to be a disappointment. i'm sorry if this offends many people but i'm just saying this before i actually go see it just to see how i thought of the movie before and after i see the film. Again, sorry if this offends.
Rafaela De I have read the beginning of the book, and there are some things that they didn’t put in the movie that are in the book. But I still liked the movie.
Daniel is weird because when Jonas took the baby, many types of thing made the baby die from example when he jumped to the river and then when he was laying down in the snow....... i think that was the only part that misunderstood me
Brittany Quarters I've only seen the trailer, but I read the book and feel like the movie will be way better. :) Plus, the characters are cute. :D
Briane Tantay it's a bit accurate with some slight alterations to the story. the ending was changed and the memories didn't fade like in the book. But, I really liked the movie.
Maria I think the development of the story in the middle is kind of being 'forced' like the scenes were there to 'fill' the time. It's like the romance in there was kind of annoying, imo, like, I don't know, not supposed to be there? But alas, still it's entertaining, just not as how I would expect it to be.
To be quite honest, I would say that the books like Emma said is far better especially if you've read all the quartets.
Megz There are a fair amount of changes (e.g. they get their assignments at age 18 instead of age 12), but nothing too major. In fact, some of the changes made sense.

What I really liked about the movie was that it wasn't such blatant capitalist propaganda, whereas the book, in my opinion, kind of reeks of it.
Jossie I just saw this last night, and I thought they did a really good job with it. Of course, books are always better (rarely is it the opposite). They omitted some bits, added some other bits, changed some others, kept a lot of the stuff I would have liked to be kept... Definitely go watch it if you liked the books, but expect it to be a little different.
I still think the ending was a bit unclear, but that was like in the book too, so they stayed true to that.
Brittany ☻ I saw the movie and it is a tad different then the book.
The book, although the slow start and unclear ending, was defiantly better. Why?
The memories that were transferred were more specific in the book, it stayed true to the main plot, everything was well detailed and I love the author's writing style.
However, The movie creates a clear ending and it gives more purpose to a bigger group of community's members. Fiona and Asher have much more purpose in the movie, and as all movie have, It has a much greater amount of drama. Gabe has a much smaller part in the movie though.
The movie was good all and all and I hope you enjoyed it ;)
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